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Superchips Bluefin DIY Plug & Play Engine Upgrade

There are different models of Bluefin to suit different models of car. If you have found this product from the search box or Google, then please click/performance/engine-performance-upgradesand choose your car from the menus at the top of the screen. Superchips’ Bluefin packages all the benefits of an expertly programmed remap into a simple to use DIY handset. When you purchase a Bluefin you receive a Bluefin handset and all the cables you need. For the vast majority of vehicles all you need to do to install the map onto your vehicle is plug the handset into your car’s OBDII port and answer a few questions onscreen. In just minutes, the Superchips Bluefin will have installed the new Superchips remap and stored your vehicles existing map for safekeeping. Because the Bluefin stores your factory map you can reinstall it at any time and put your vehicle back to normal. No messy soldering, no swapping out ECU chips, just “Plug-and-Play” as Superchips like to put it. The remaps the Bluefins install are exactly the same as offered with our technician install service and offer all the same benefits. On Turbocharged petrol engines Superchips offer up to 20% extra BHP and 25% extra...View more

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3

The Accessport V3 from Cobb is already a very well-known ECU tuning solution in the US market. With its extensive range of features, it’s easy to see why. The Cobb Accessport functions as a simple to use tuning hand-set with ready loaded maps. You can also use it with Cobbs own tuning software. The Accessport can also be mounted on the dash and function as a highly customisable gauge able to display a wide range of values with up to six fully customisable gauges on display at once. It even functions as a code reader/clearer. This is a huge amount of power and control right at your finger-tips. Remapping Functioning as a remapping device, you can quickly switch between a range of maps or restore the vehicle to standard. Cobb supply a number of ready-made maps via their own Accessport Manager software. These include Valet Mode maps. The vehicle can also be flashed back to standard. Remapping an engine is often the simplest most cost effective way of adding more power to it. Because the ECU controls all aspects of the engine- including boost, ignition timing, and fuelling modifying the software on an ECU can easily make the engine provide...View more

Revo Technik SPS Serial Port Switch

Please note: The SPS is not a remap device. It's an add-on for vehicles already running a remap. SPS is only compatible with vehicles already running Revo remaps. SPS isnotavailable for all Revo remaps. Please call or email for availability. If you're getting your vehicle remapped with us, there's no need to order one online. Just mention it when booking your remap. One of the big benefits of the Revo remap is that on many cars it is configurable on the user end. This means that instead of a one size-fits-all remap you can adjust various settings in the remap, finetuning it to ensure it runs well on your vehicle. Normally this is done by us when we install the remap, but you can also do it yourself using this easy to use bit of hardware on most Revo remaps. The Serial Port Switch or SPS functions as an addon for vehicles running a Revo remap. It allows the remap on the vehicle to be finetuned. There are various reasons you might want to do this. Varying availability of high octane fuel might lead to you wanting less aggressive settings to ensure it still works well on lower grade fuel....View more

Cobb Tuning Accessport 3 Holster

This is a mounting holster for fixing the Cobb Accessport to a dashboard. Compatible with Cobb's own sticky mount or any other universal dual T style mount.View more

Cobb Tuning Accessport 3 Zipper Case

Keep your Cobb Accessport 3 safe with it's accessories in this sturdy Zippercase. The Accessport 3 is too nice a bit of kit to leave rattling around in your glove box. The exterior is tough semi-rigid molded EVA. The interior contains a padded enclosure designed to keep the Accessport in one place. The cable zips into the lid.View more

Cobb Tuning Accessport 3 Faceplate

Make your Cobb Tuning Accessport V3 stand out with this range of custom faceplates.View more

Superchips EPC Tuning Boxes

The EPC tuning box can only be installed at our fitting centre in Wrexham by our trained fitters. For over 30 years Superchips have been the definitive supplier of the off the shelf remaps and at our service centre we can now offer you a brand new product from Superchips the EPC tuning box. The EPC tuning box gives you the user the ability to change the remap on your vehicle without having to have the ECU unlocked or leave any trace that this product has been installed on your vehicle. The EPC box works by allowing you to tweek fuel and boost setting within your vehicles ECU until you are happy with the power that your vehicle delivers. The best feature of the EPC is the box will not leave a trace that it has been installed when you need to take your vehicle to a main dealer so long as you remember to remove the box from within your engine compartment. Superchips also offer a 7 day money back guarantee should you not be completly satisfied with this product. As the tuning box is altered by you the end user Superchips are unable to offer a warranty, but...View more

Revo Technik ECU Remapping with Free K&N Air Filter

*Installing a Revo remap will require your car to be at our fitting centre in Wrexham for between two and four hours depending on application (most will be at the shorter end of this). Please call our fitting centre on 01978 664 468 to book your car in now.** **Please note, we are listing these on the website to show availability and gains. Please ring our fitting centre to order.** Revo offer a comprehensive range of tuning solutions for your vehicle. This covers everything needed to extract the best performance from your engine from hardware to software. Best known for their Volkswagen group products, Revo are now also bringing the same approach to extracting maximum performance from Ford and Porsche engines. A Revo ECU remap is one of the most satisfying and cost effective modifications that you can carry out to your vehicle. A remap is always a solid base when tuning an engine and a great way of getting bang for your buck. Typically the manufacturer will build some "slack" into the stock map to allow for poor quality fuel, less than perfect maintenance or just to achieve a lower power output for cheaper insurance. The new software or...View more

Revo Technik SPS Pro In Dash Control Panel

Revo already offer a huge amount of direct control over the exact map you’re installing on your car. While a factory map will be designed to work for a wide range of fuel and conditions Revo are allowing you to tweek the map to suit your specific vehicle and the fuel you will be using – enabling you to get the most power possible out of your vehicle, and to select the exact driving experience that you want. Now with SPS Pro you can switch between these settings directly from your dashboard. With SPS Pro it’s as easy as changing radio station to switch between pre-set maps-and on some vehicles you even have access to SPS Pro features enabling you to individually configure boost, fuelling and timing settings! This means that you can have one setting saved for high performance fuel like V-Power or Momentum 99 and another for lower octane fuel. You can also return the car to a stock power setting quickly and easily either for more relaxed driving, or for letting other people drive your car. This would already be impressive functionality, but Revo are also allowing you to access a range of hidden features and functions already...View more

Revo Technik DSG and S-Tronic Performance Software Upgrade

**For all Revo Software the vehicle is required to have the installation take place at our fitting center in Wrexham. Installation times may vary depending on application. Please call our fitting centre on 01978 664 468 to book your car in now.** **Please note, all listings on the website only show availability and gains. Please ring our fitting centre to order.** Revo Software – DSG Stage 1 & 2 and S-Tronic Stage 1 & 2 This Software upgrade is designed to complement the wide range of remaps available for cars with DSG and S-Tronic gear boxes, allowing you to fully harness the power increase and enjoy enhanced control. Revo's DSG and S-Tronic Software has been developed to improve overall performance and driveability. Up and Downshifts in both Drive and Sport mode have been modified, Upshifts have been raised to around 7000rpm (model dependent) to utilise the engine. By increasing the shift point to around 7000rpm (model dependent) it allows the engine to stay in it most effect operating range for longer. For vehicles with launch Control the Upshift range has also been increased to 3200rpm for FWD models and 4000rpm for 4WD models giving you a swifter, smoother and more effective start. If desired a custom launch...View more