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B-G Racing Billet Castor / Camber Gauge With Magnetic Adaptor

This billet gauge from B-G Racing accurately measures +/- 6 degrees of camber and -4 to +12 degrees of castor. Values are displayed via bubble gauges, a simple yet highly effective method. A stepped design ensures all the gauges are aligned to the hub centre line for accuracy. The included magnetic adaptor provides a quick and easy attachment to the hub or

B-G Racing Aluminium Toe Measuring Plates With Magnetic Tapes

Measuring toe is quick and simple with the B-G Racing Aluminium Toe Plates. Simply rest one of these high-strength, lightweight plates flat against the tyre on each side of the vehicle and use the 3.5 metre tape measures provided to accurately measure the toe. Kicked-out bottoms hold the plates flat against the wheels, whilst the tapes feature strong

ART Laser And Granite Cornerweight Scale Pad Levelling System

The ART Cornerweight Scale Pad Levelling System consists of a laser and black granite surface plate. The granite surface plate is the perfect surface for the three point locating laser head. The surface plate is compact – only six inches square – with three adjustable levelling legs. There is also a two axis cross test level to accurately

ART Chassis Ride Height Gauge Case

Optional wood instrument carry case for ART Chassis Ride Height Gauge Case. Gauge not

ADA Spring Rate Attachment

Spring Rate Attachment for Use With Offset Type

ADA Castor Camber Gauge

The ADA Castor Camber Gauge is quick, easy and accurate to use. Measure both camber and castor on any

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Chassis and Suspension

About Chassis and Suspension Parts

One of the most basic performance upgrades to a car is the suspension. Often OEM suspension can be a little soft designed more for comfort than performance. Some OEMS such as Audi & Nissan have now incorporated adjustable suspension that allows you to fine tune the suspension, but for the majority its typically less sophisticated.Whilst upgrading springs alone is the cheapest way to achieve the lowered look, we'd recommend using coilovers vs just springs. When using lowered springs with OEM Shocks you are using less suspension travel than the was originally intended, this can lead to the shock failing or an uncomfortable ride.For the serious track day/drifter - there are a multitude of other upgrades such as lower arms, traction control bars etc These all allow adjustment typically via rose joint mounts to perfect the handling of your car.