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Warrior 6 Piece Auto Brush Cleaning Set

This six piece washing/cleaning set from warrior is perfect for blitzing and cleaning your vehicle. This kit features 5 brushes and a hose pipe connector, with each brush having a specific purpose. A soft brush which is perfect for cleaning car body work and is delicate enough to be used on any finish of paint, the soft brush has a dual density grip which ensures a tight even grip even with wet hands, the over sized head of the brush allows cleaning to be done quickly. A detailing brush with durable nylon bristles which is idea for getting in to those hard to reach areas either in or outside of your vehicle. A 3 in 1 claw brush which features high quality construction with triple brush heads, nylon bristles and an internal scraper for ideal for getting rid of any stubborn mud within your engine bay. A flat head hard brush with is idea for cleaning any stubborn areas within your vehicle such as wheel arches, rubber car mats or seats. The manipulative brush head allows it to be re positioned to reach the most difficult of areas. And the last brush in the set is ideal for cleaning all...View more

Richbrook Wheel Nut And Cavity Cleaner

The wheel nut and cavity cleaner from Richbrook will help you to be able to clean around your wheel nuts and remove all excess dirt and grime that could corrode your wheel nuts quickly. The patented foam head design includes central foam core to clean top of wheel nuts. Due to the unique shape this tool is able to clean those hard to reach areas, and due to the supple sponge will not scratch your wheels. Also features a recess on the side of the handle to be able to clip on to your bucket when it is not being used. The wheel nut and cavity cleaner is supplied with 2 spare sponges.View more

E-Tech Engineering Metalic Silver Paint Touch Up Stick

This Touch up stick can be used to repair minor scrapes on metallic silver alloy wheels.View more

E-Tech Engineering Micro Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

The Micro Alloy Wheel Repair Kit from E-Tech is a very effective and economical repair system. The kit contains all the essential items needed to repair your alloy wheels and is ideal for minor scuffs, scratches and kerb damage. Its easy to damage your alloy wheels and its expensive, inconvenient and time consuming to get them refurbished. However the Micro Alloy Wheel Repair Kit is the solution so if your alloys are scuffed and looking second hand for a small investment in time and money you could dramatically improve the appearance and value of them and your car.View more

E-Tech Engineering Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

The Alloy Wheel Repair Kit from E-Tech provides all the components you need to repair your alloy wheels yourself and contains detailed instructions of how to achieve a professional finish that is virtually invisible to detect. Its easy to damage your alloy wheels and its expensive, inconvenient and time consuming to get them refurbished. However the Alloy Wheel Repair Kit is the solution for repairing deep scuffs, scratches, kerb damage to the rim and most other superficial non structural damage. So if your alloys are scuffed and looking second hand for a small investment in time and money you could dramatically improve the appearance and value of them and your car. Follow these simple steps to repair your alloy wheels : Clean the wheel Mix the alloy wheel putty and apply to the damaged area File, sand and shape the putty Mask the area and apply the paint Allow paint to dry Apply the lacquerView more

E-Tech Engineering Alloy Wheel Repair Putty

The alloy wheel repair putty from E-Tech is ideal for repairing damage to wheels which have been kerbed, scuffed or scratched. The repair putty comes in a 10cm tube and can be moulded to fill any imperfections in the wheel. Once the putty has hardened E-Tech silver alloy wheel paint and clear alloy wheel lacquer can be applied for a professional finish.View more

Sonic Scrubber Brush Head Set

The Sonic Scrubber Brush Head Set is a pack of three interchangeable heads to be used with the Pro Detailing Cleaning Brush. Three different brush heads which can be changed with ease to suit the task in hand. Contains the following heads : Soft Bristle Brush – Delicate surface cleaning with no scratching Firm Bristle Cone Brush – Great for hard to clean areas Medium Bristle Large Head Brush – Cleans broader surface areas 3 packView more

Demon Tweeks Arctic Screen wash – Concentrate, Non Smear

Polygard screen wash is supplied as a concentrate. It is suitable for summer and winter use. The wash is perfumed and is formulated for non smear and fast action. The effective temperature of Polygard screen wash is down to -20°C. The 1 litre bottle makes up 16 Litres of screen wash. The 5 Litre bottle makes up 80 Litres of screen wash. Polygard screen wash is effective on insects, tar, grit, dirt and many other contaminants associated with driving on any road.View more

Motul Engine Cleaner

Special cleaner for all 4-stroke motorcycle engines with or without wet clutch. Deposits and residues produced by operation are reliably dissolved in the entire oil circuit. Aggressive residues produced by combustion are neutralized. The dissolved residues are removed from the engine with the waste oil. The result of the cleaning is a significant improvement in compression. The cleaned engine receives with the new engine oil optimum performance for powerful operation. Oil consumption and wear are reduced. Improved exhaust gas emission values protect the environment and the catalytic converter. A can of 200 ml is sufficient for an engine oil capacity up to 4 litres How to use Before each oil drain, add in the engine a can of ENGINE CLEAN to hot used oil. Let the engine run at idle for 15 minutes. Drain the oil and change the oil filter. The content of one can is sufficient for an oil capacity up to 5 litres. For higher capacities, 60 ml of ENGINE CLEAN is to be added per additional litre of engine oil (over 5 litres). Do not exceed the recommended proportion. If necessary, proceed to 2 successive treatments.View more

Sealey Pressure Washer 12V Rechargeable – PW1712

Lightweight, portable cordless pressure washer. Ideal for a range of domestic applications including cleaning vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. Features 17ltr water tank which can be detached from base for easy re-filling. Unit can be powered using vehicle's 12V socket, but is also fitted with a rechargeable lead acid battery which provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Ideal pressure washer where no mains electric supply is available, such as classic car shows and track days. Supplied with 6mtr hose, variable nozzle and fixed brush, both of which include built-in detergent bottles. Fitted with accessory storage pouch, durable wheels and shoulder strap for easy transportation. Model No: PW1712 Capacity: 17ltr Battery Type: Lead Acid Maximum Pressure: 8.5bar/123psi Water Flow Rate: 2.5ltr/min Motor Power: 60W Supply: 12V Hose Length: 6mtr Charging Time: 6hrs Operating Time: 20-40mins Weight: 6.8kgView more

E-Tech Engineering Foam Detailing Swabs

E Tech Detailing Swab kit contains ten swabs. The detailing swabs let you wipe away grime and debris, apply product efficiently, and remove residue from your vehicle’s many recesses. Ideal for the areas where you just can't get a polishing cloth into. Image is for illustration purposes onlyView more

Muc-Off Ubershine Shampoo

Ubershine shampoo from Muc-Off is a pH balanced formula that emulsifies dirt leaving a deep luxurious shine. Ubershine shampoo also contains water softeners to leave a first class, spot free finish. 1 LitreView more

Autoglym Bodywork Pure Shampoo

Squeaky clean paintwork is an essential part of the car care routine. Pure Shampoo is an easy to use and safe pH neutral formulation. Its rich foam quickly breaks down and removes everyday contaminants from your vehicle. Pure Shampoois a high foaming, pH neutral, ‘pure’ shampoo that cleans the car extremely well, but doesn’t do anything else. It leaves no film behind, nor does it have any other additives. The lack of gloss enhancers, wax or similar additives makes it suitable for cleaning matt or satin finishes. Pure Shampo is wax safe too.View more

Sealey Car Shampoo Premium with Wax 5ltr – SCS006

Concentrated premium quality car shampoo, a special high active formulation with added Carnauba wax blend to give protection and exceptional cleaning which enhances the appearance of vehicle paintwork. Will help to protect paint and create a bead affect. Model No: SCS006 Size: 5ltrView more

Sealey Car Shampoo 5ltr – SCS005

Car shampoo with added shine enhancer and paint protector. Model No: SCS005 Size: 5ltrView more

Draper 5L Wash and Wax Shampoo – PWW5A

For use with hand and pressure washers. Supplied in plastic containers.View more

E-Tech Engineering Technik Surface Deep Cleaner

The E-Tech Technik Surface Deep Cleaner is for use when performing any repair or restoration work to the body of the vehicle. Before affixing anything to the vehicle it's important to clean the area that is to be worked on. The surface cleaner will remove polish, wax, silicone, oil, grease, tar and residue from adhesives.View more

Muc-Off Silicone Shine

Muc-Off Silicone Shine is a multi-purpose multi-application spray on restorer, protectant and light lubricant. It is very easy to apply and leaves you with a dry long lasting shine. Colourless and non-staining with cherry fragrance. Because of it's light lubricant properties you don't have to worry about getting it on suspension components. Also suitable for motorbikes, pedal bikes, caravans and boats.View more

Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover

Designed to offer a premium solution to removal of insect debris and tar which has become attached to your vehicle, the Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover instantly removes tar on paintwork and plastics. The Intensive Tar Remover ensures the surface to be cleaned is free from debris and ready for alternative treatments from the Autoglym range but can also be used for other uses including rubber, synthetic carpets and upholstery to remove oil-based stains. 325Ml containerView more

Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre Wax Cleanser Step 2

Dodo Juice is a small UK company specializing in high quality hand made car care products, mainly waxes and polishes. Set up in June 2007, Dodo Juice has experienced explosive growth and now features highly amongst the leading 'boutique' car care brands. Dodo Juices famous pre-wax cleanser uses micro-abrasives to remove oxidization and light swirl marks from the paintwork, it can be applied by hand or machine, to give a slick gloss look. It comes in two sizes 250ml or 500ml. Lime Prime is step 2 of a 4 step cleaning process. we recommend using all 4 steps in order to achieve the perfect finish on your cars paint work.View more

Milltek Metal Polish 100ml

New from the boys at Milltek with a little help from Dodo Juice the car detailing experts. Finally after several months of extensive testing in all weather types the Milltek Metal Polish is now available. This tailor made metal polish will ensure that any stainless steel exhaust system or metal component is in prestine condtion ready for any concours or show duty, with very minimumal effort required. Not only will this polish keep your exhaust in good condition it is also perfect for any polished or chrome parts of your car or even bike. The polish works using abrasives that are able to remove contaminants while still leaving a mirror finish, the polish is able to dissolve oil, fuel and soot deposits. Also contained within the polish is an active sealing ingredient which helps the metal resist any future tarnishing. The high quality of this polish means you will only need a little and it will go a long way.View more

Mothers Mag And Aluminium Polish

The Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish is legendary in car polishing circles and now its available from Demon Tweeks, the polish uses a secret formula that is able to balance ease of use with a brilliant shine. And is able to do amazing things to polish-able metals! You will be amazed at how easily it can transform a lackluster surface. Can be used on any aluminium, alloy or brass surface. The polish is strong enough to be able to give any neglected metals a new shine, and is also gentle enough to be used on a regular basis as part of a weekly routine cleaning process. The mag and aluminium polish is easy to apply and can simply be done with a clean cloth and a little elbow grease. For the best results use this polish when still wet, wait for it to turn black as this indicates it is working then buff off, do not leave this product to dry before buffing. Ideal for bare metal polishing. Mothers Mag and Aluminium Polish is not recommended for use on chrome, anodized, painted or any coated metals. Available in 147ml or 295ml tubs.View more

Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax Kit

Dodo Juice like to do things a little differently and this Home Brew Wax Kit is no exception. Whereas most car waxes are made THEN sold in this case they're including everything you need to make 250ml of your very own personalised Carnauba car wax. We don't think Dodo Juice really want you to buy this insteadof the rest of their rangebut it does make a fun, interesting gift for anyone obsessed with cars, detailing or simply fond of mixing chemicals together (chemistry teachers?). The Home Brew Wax Kit includes wax, solvents, special juices and most importantly instructions. Simply follow the directions within, and warm the resulting goop on your stove and you should shortly have your own usable car wax. The kit also includes everything you need to label the pot including space to name your new wax yourself. The Dodo Juice Home Brew Wax kit comes in a reusable presentation tin. Notes- Requires the use of a hob Not suitable for people under 14 years of ageView more

Dodo Juice Protective Wax Step 3

Dodo Juice is a small UK company specializing in high quality hand made car care products, mainly waxes and polishes. Set up in June 2007, Dodo Juice has experienced explosive growth and now features highly amongst the leading 'boutique' car care brands. Dodo juice wax comes in two sizes 30ml and 250ml, a variety of colours suitable for different car colours and in soft or hard wax depending on your needs. Wax Types: Soft Wax: Easiest to apply, can be spreaded straight from the pot. Can be applied by hand or with an foam applicator pad. Hard Wax: Lasts longer on paint work. Ideal for winter months. Can be applied more consistently. Wax Colours: Light:Light is a wax specially created for light coloured cars e.g. White, Silver. Warm:Warm is a wax specially created for warm coloured cars e.g. Yellow, Orange, Red. Dark:Dark is a wax specially created for dark coloured cars e.g. Black, Navy. Dodo wax is step 3 of a 4 step cleaning process. we recommend using all 4 steps in order to achieve the perfect finish on your cars paintwork.View more

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