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BF307 EBC RACE Brake Fluid – Dot 4 Racing – One (1 Litre) Bottle

BF307 EBC racing brake fluid for use in race conditions where brake systems operate at very high temperatures. For best results bleed system with fresh fluid before each race. Do not mix with other brake fluids. Performance may be compromised. DOT 4. Typical Dry Boiling Point: 310? (590?). Min. Wet Boiling Point: 195? (383?). Not suitable for vehicles with

Automec Silicone Brake Fluid – 1 Litre

Automec silicone brake fluid is a truly outstanding DOT 5 brake fluid. Normal mineral brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere dramatically reducing performance of the fluid resulting in more regular fluid changes. Silicone brake fluid is not hydroscopic therefore out lasts and out performs mineral brake fluid by a considerable

Automec Silicone Brake Fluid – 500ml

Automec silicone brake fluid is a truly outstanding DOT 5 brake fluid. Normal mineral brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere dramatically reducing performance of the fluid resulting in more regular fluid changes. Silicone brake fluid is not hydroscopic therefore out lasts and out performs mineral brake fluid by a considerable

Wilwood EXP600 Plus Brake Fluid

Wilwood’s EXP600 Plus brake fluid is a highly refined blend developed for extreme performance under the high heat and extreme pressure of professional Motorsport.  Wilwood have tested their fluid to 626 degrees Fahrenheit with a wet boiling point of 417°F (214°C). These results far exceed the requirements for DOT and SAE specifications (dry

Tarox Road Race Brake Fluid

Tarox Road Race Brake Fluid ensures that the tricky ‘best of both’ scenario is fulfilled with on track performance with every day driveability. The Tarox Road Race is a high performance DOT 4 fluid with a typical dry boiling point in excess of 300 degrees Celsius, ensuring road cars which take part in the occasional track day are at potential

Red Line RL-600 High Performance Brake Fluid

High performance fully synthetic brake fluid with DOT 4 specification. Resistant to absorption and retention of moisture while providing the best protection against extreme temperatures. Mixes with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 fluids. Ideal for high performance cars, trackday cars and competition use.Dry boiling point 318°CWet boiling point 204ºC473ml

Performance Friction RH665 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid

Unlike other brake fluids, Performance Friction RH665 has been specifically developed for racing applications where high temperatures are achieved within the braking system.The RH665 fluid offers the versatility of being street legal, conforming to FMVSS 116, allowing cars such as track day cars which are driven to and from the track a 'best of

Motul RBF660 Racing Brake Fluid – 500ml

Motul RBF 660 is 100 percent synthetic brake fluid meeting DOT 4 specification. Specifically designed for use within an extreme temperature environment as found in competition braking system, including Carbon discs. This break fluid is superior to DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 fluids thanks to its high dry boiling point of 325 degrees celcius, which is matched by a

Ferodo Super Formula Brake Fluid

An extreme high performance brake fluid from Ferodo which has a typical dry boiling point of 330 deg C. Super Formula brake fluid has an excellent viscosity index providing efficient operation at high and low temperatures. Meets DOT 4 specification 500ml

Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid

Endless RF-650 brake fluid was originally developed for racing use where extreme temperature stability is required. It offers excellent linear pedal feel making it an ideal choice for racing or rallying. Dry Boiling Point – 328 Degrees C (622 degrees F)Wet Boiling Point – 218 Degrees C (424 degrees F) Supplied in 500ml bottles.

EBC Brakes Racing Brake Fluid

EBC Racing Brake Fluid is a highly refined glycol based fluid which is suitable for use in any braking system where a DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluid is specified (except systems requiring mineral oil or those fitted with magnesium alloy cylinders or reservoirs). A high dry boiling point of 307 degrees C makes it suitable for motorsport use where high temperature

Castrol Dot 4 Brake Fluid – 500ml Litre Bottle

A universal synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid from Castrol which exceeds the requirements of the SAE J1703,SAE J1704, FMVSS 116 DOT 4 , ISO 4925 and Jis K 2233 specifications. Compatible with other brake fluids meeting DOT 3, 4 and

A P Racing Radi-Cal R4 Brake Fluid

Radi-Cal R4 boasts the highest dry boiling point of any racing brake fluid currently available (340 deg C) and offers outstanding resistance to vapour lock / pedal fade under the most arduous of conditions. A higher vapour lock point means a firmer brake pedal at the extremes of brake temperature. Radi-Cal brake fluid has enhanced lubricity which increases

A P Racing Radi-Cal R3 Racing Brake Fluid (Was PRF660)

Radi-Cal R3 (formerly PRF660) from AP Racing is the ultimate high temperature racing brake fluid, featuring a dry boiling point of 320 degrees C which is higher than other leading brands. Radi-Cal R3 has advanced moisture resistant properties and low levels of viscosity for ease of bleeding. Radi-Cal R3 is suitable for all levels of motorsport where very

A P Racing Radi-Cal R2 Racing Brake Fluid (Was AP 600) – 500ml Bottle

AP Racing Radi-Cal R2 (Formerly 600) racing brake fluid is developed for racing applications where high temperatures are being experienced. With a dry boiling point exceeding 300 degrees C it is suitable for all forms of motorsport. Radi-Cal R2 brake fluid does not mix with other fluids so the braking system should be drained completely and purged with R2

A P Racing Radi-Cal R1 Racing Brake Fluid (Was AP 551)

Radi-Cal R1 racing brake fluid conforms to DOT 3 specifications and is suitable for motorsport use because of its high dry boiling point of 275 degrees C. Formally AP CP551 Supplied in 500ml

A P Racing Formula Brake Fluid

AP Racing formula DOT 5.1 brake fluid is suitable for high performance road applications and is compatible with other fluids meeting the same standards. AP Racing formula is non silicone based fluid and has a dry boiling point of 275 degree Celsius but is also suitable for vehicles running in cold climates of  -40 degrees Celsius due to its superior

The Knowledge


Brake Fluid

Why do you need Racing Brake Fluid?

On track your brakes will work a lot harder than regular driving on the street. The accelerating and braking increases the temperature of your brakes and the brake fluid. Brake fade is when the brake pedal goes soft or the pedal goes to the floor combined with loss in braking performance. On track brake fade can happen after a few laps, this will lead to less driver confidence and in worse case scenarios ending up in a gravel track of wall.

How does Brake Fluid Work?

Braking systems on most cars is hydraulically operated. In its most simplistic form, when the driver pushes on the brake pedal fluid is pushed into the master cylinder, this fluid is then distributed to the brake calipers through the vehicles brake lines.

How can brake fluid cause brake fade?

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic liquid, meaning it can absorb water. Over time brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere. In a competitive environment such as a race track the brake fluid can get hot, this turns any water in the brake lines into gas. Unlike brake fluid, gas can be compressed. This unwanted gas in the brake lines acts interferes with the fluid delivery into the brake calipers causing the brake fade "soft pedal" that is experienced on track.

When should I change Brake fluid?

We asked a number of garages and they recommended changing brake fluid once every two years regardless of usage. We would recommend consulting with your vehicle manual, manufacturer or car enthusiast community for recommendations.

What does the DOT mean in Brake Fluids?

DOT = Department of Transport, the numbers correspond to standards set by the DOT. The most common grads of brake fluid are DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT/ 5.1. These type of brake fluids are all glycol based brake fluids.
  • DOT 3 Dry Boiling Point is 205 °C (401 ° F), Wet Boiling Point 140 ° C (284° F)
  • DOT 4 Dry Boiling Point is 230 °C (446 ° F), Wet Boiling Point 155 ° C (311° F)
  • DOT 5 Dry Boiling Point is 260 °C (500 ° F), Wet Boiling Point 180 ° C (356° F)
  • DOT 5.1 Dry Boiling Point is 270 °C (518 ° F), Wet Boiling Point 190 ° C (374° F)
Dry Boiling Point refers to uncontaminated brake fluid which is has been freshly changed. Wet Boiling Point refers to contaminated brake fluid which has absorbed moisture.

Which brake fluid should I use?

There are a variety of different brake fluids dependant on your application. On our track orientated Nissan Skyline R33 GTR with over 800 brake horse power we use A P Racing Radi-Cal R4. This greatly reduced brake fade on tight technical tracks.