Brake Discs

Brake Discs: Explained

A brake disc or rotor is typically a cylindrical disc made of iron or carbon composite that is attached to the wheel hub of your car. The disc is gripped by the brake pads held by brake caliper. Since the first use of a brake disc in the 1951, it has become a common feature on modern cars. When pressing a brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is applied to the brake caliper which pinches the brake pads around a brake disc. The high friction between the pads and the brake disc works to bring the car to a smooth stop. Brake discs are designed to dissipate heat quicker than traditional brake drums. For high performance applications such as track days, performance discs and pads are essential upgrades over OEM brakes.

What are the different types of brake rotors?

Different disc brakes come with different designs, diameters, thicknesses, and materials. Brake discs come in a variety of different surfaces from plain, vented, drilled, grooved, slotted, or dimpled. Plain brake discs are the most common type, consisting of only a solid block of steel. They are heavy and thicker and not generally recommended for performance orientated vehicles. Vented discs come in two layers, with vent spaces built between them. These vanes connect the discs' two contact surfaces creating space between the brake contact surfaces increasing airflow and surface area, allowing more heat dissipation. Drilled discs enable better surface-water circulation, better heat dissipation, noise, and mass reduction. The holes on the brake surface offer higher initial response, and reduce overall weight. Grooved discs have diagonal lines cut onto them to allow venting of brake pad gases. The lines also prevent glazing of the pad. Dimpled discs are known for their ‘debris clearing’ functionality. The dimples also help to reduce weight.

How brake discs improve your car

Every time you hit the brakes, you send high amounts of energy into your brake pads. The efficiency of your brakes depends on the efficiency of brake discs and pads. If your braking is smooth and your brake discs and pads are high quality, you have will have a better performing braking system

How do I choose the best brake disc for my car?

There is a significant difference in braking performance from cheap aftermarket disc brakes to high performance branded ones such as Brembo or AP Racing. There is a wide selection of brake discs available on our site. To choose the best one for your car, you should consider things like intended use. EBC, for example, offer different brake pads for intended use from street, occasional track day, to full-on track pads.





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