Brake Calipers

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A P Racing Brake Calipers

A P Racing Brake Calipers

These brake calipers from AP Racing have come about from over 50 years of experience at the highest levels of professional motorsport. As such there is a wide range of calipers to suit most applications from single seaters to GT and from Touring Cars to Rally Cars. All calipers are made from quality cast materials for added strength and are tested in-house on their own Dynomometers. The range includes 2, 4, 6 and 8 piston calipers for superior stopping power while covering all of the most popular brake pad shapes. All calipers are handed and have a choice of either “Leading” or “Trailing” types. Leading calipers are mounted in front of the axle, while trailing calipers are mounted behind the axle.View more


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