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Whiteline Front Camber Correction Kit – +/- 1 Degree

Whiteline Front Camber Correction Kit – +/- 1 Degree

The Whiteline Front Camber Adjusting Bush Kit fixes to the front suspension and allows adjustment of alignment and replacement of worn or tired bushes.The Bush kits are straightforward to install and are application specific, ideal for street, stage or circuit driving where alignment change is required. The bushes themselves are eccentric design for accurate adjustment and a fitted with a low compliance polyurethane bush which provides excellent long term durability and optimises steering feedback and ensures sharp suspension feel.Front Camber Geometry adjustment changes handling, so where the vehicle features too much oversteer more positive camber is required and where a decrease in understeer is desired, an increase in negative camber is required (in general). Camber adjustment is a typical method of geometry modification, however should be noted that camber alone may not optimise handling, it is part of a bigger alignment picture of which Whiteline provide and extensive range.The Whiteline bush kits adjust camber geometry of specific applications fitting to various points within the front suspension, depending on application.View more


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Whiteline Caster Adjust Radius Rod Kit

Whiteline Caster Adjust Radius Rod Kit

Designed to replace the original Front control arm, Whiteline uprated Front control arms improve performance and enable adjustability for optimum chassis set up.Manufactured for a range of popular applications, the Whiteline rear control arms are finished to the usual renowned whiteline quality with their 'bang for your buck' philosophy you can be sure effective improvements with minimum fuss. In replacing the existing control arm, the Whiteline versions offer a straightforward fitting solution, enabling you to get out on the road, stage or track to find the optimum chassis set up quicker and easier.The Control arms themselves include low compliance polyurethane bushes which ensure tight suspension feel when cornering and lower susceptibility to wear in comparison to original rubber bushes. The control arms feature a heavy duty coating which ensures resistance to corrosion, suitable for daily use and a zinced adjuster which completes the look for a great appearance, trustworthy functionality and great performance.View more


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Forge Adjustbale Rear Tie Bars

Forge Adjustbale Rear Tie Bars

Adjustable rear tie bars from Forge are high strength replacement tie bars designed to withstand the rigours of the race track while having the additional benefit of being adjustable to alter the rear camber angle. Designed specifically for four wheel drive vehicles due to their integral lack of adjustment, especially noticeable when a car has been lowered, Forge have come up with the answer. Forge have re-designed the rear tie bar to carry out the job the original doesn't, adjustable and fitted with a polyurethane bush, Forge tie bars allow you to reset the camber angle to reduce tram-lining and uneven tyre wear whilst giving a further improvement to the overall handling honed by you. The Forge tie bars come supplied as a pair.View more


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What You Need to Know about Alignment Products

Tire alignments help your tire work properly, and this prolongs the life of the wheels. It also prevents the car from pulling in one direction or producing strange vibration while on road. Wheel alignment products refer to the tools used in adjusting the system that links a vehicle to its wheel. The purpose of proper alignment is to adjust the angles of the tires that affect how they make contact while the car is moving.

How to Tell When Your Car Wheels Need to Be Aligned

There are several ways to tell when your car needs an alignment. If you notice any of the following signs, you should go get your car checked:

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Car pulling to all direction
  • Steering wheel tends to be off centre even when driving straight
  • Steering wheel vibrating

A professional will look at these three things when checking for wheel alignment: camber, toe and caster.


Caster angle assists in balance steering, cornering and stability. Caster is the angle your steering axis takes when you view the car from sideways. If your automobile has a positive caster, the steering axis will normally tilt towards the driver. On the flip side, negative casters will make your steering wheel tilt towards the front side of the car. This is where alignment products such as caster adjusting kit come in handy.

They are designed to enhance the performance of the car. Caster adjustment products enable adjustability for optimum chassis set up. They provide a straightforward fitting solution, and this will allow you to get out on the road, stage, or track to attain the optimum chassis.

The kit comes with control arms that comprise low compliance polyurethane bushes that provide a tight suspension feel when you take sharp bends. They also have a lower vulnerability to wear and tear. The control arms have a strong coating that provides resistance to corrosion. This way, the caster adjustment kit enables proper daily usage. It also comes with a zinced adjuster that gives it a perfect appearance, reliable functionality and optimum performance.


Tire alignment is the angle of the wheels when viewed from above. It indicates whether the tires are leaning inwards or outwards. Toe alignment is when the wheels on your vehicle are positioned the same way. In other words, it refers to situations where all the wheels in your car lean at the same angle. The adjustable rear tire bars are designed with a polyurethane bush. They help you to readjust the camber angle and lessen tram lining and uneven tire tear while offering an additional improvement to the entire handling honed by you. They are always available in pairs.


The camber refers to the inward angle of the tire when you try to view them from the front side if the car. Excessive inward or outward camber shows that your car needs to be re-aligned. Camber misalignment might be caused by worn out bearings, spoilt ball joints and other broken wheel suspension parts.

Front camber correction kit is the best alignment product for this problem. Its work is to fix to the front suspension and give room for adjustment and replacement of spoilt bushes. The kits are easy to install and are will make your car perfect for street, stage, or circuit driving.

The bushes come with an eccentric design to offer the exact adjustment and are fitted with low compliance polyurethane bush that offers long-time durability. They also help in optimizing steering response while ensuring sharp suspension experience. While camber adjustment is an approach of geometry modification, you should note that the camber correction kit alone might not help you optimize handling. It is part of a bigger alignment kit.