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AirRex Full Digital Air Suspension System Including Management Controller

Until now you have probably only really seen AirREX on exotic Liberty Walk projects But now we are bringing Airrex to you, so you can have the best of best worlds, slamming your car while you are at shows but still being able to maneuver over those pesky speed bumps. AirRex kits include a digital air management system and are supplied fully assembled and leak tested from the factory. This saves you hours of time compared to the rival systems. Each kit is presented in a composite wood casing with a smoked acrylic window, contained in the box are the primary control components these include valve block, compressor, air tank and purge valve. This kit also comes with well engineered AirRex struts which offer adjustable damping for precise control over handling and feel of the car, some kits also come with front adjustable top mounts which allows you to adjust camber. All kits can be fitted to your vehicle at our workshop in Wrexham North Wales, if you would like to discuss our fitment prices please contact our fitting centre and they will be happy to guide you through the process 01978 664468. We also have extensive finance options available....View more

Milltek Active Suspension Control System

Milltek's active control system allows the user to adjust the regular air suspension settings of a vehicle via a smartphone application. NOTE:Only available for Mercedes, BMW and Audi vehicles fitted with factory air suspension systems.View more

About Air Suspension

Air Suspension typically replaces the OEM Spring and Shock or aftermarket coilover setup with an air bag and a coilover. The air bags can be inflated for full ride height, or deflated to lower the car to achieve that stanced/caricature look.

The stanced look originally reserved for the Euro/VAGS is now commonly seen in the Jap car seen with Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny, slamming their cars to the ground for serious visual impact

A lot of purists dislike air suspension for a track car, however the majority of cars with air suspension are show cars, with the occasional track day under its belt