Carbon Fibre Motorsport Wing V3 – TopStage Composites

Carbon Fibre V3 Motorsport Wing by TopStage Composites aims to improve lap times without the extra HP.

One Step Ahead of the Competition
When compared to the current crop of aftermarket wings, the Topstage V3 comes out on top for down force and efficiency. When compared to the leading single plane design there is no contest. Over 40% more downforce at 100 of wing angle and 250kmh with only 8% more drag is just a small indication of the superior efficiency of the V3 wing. Typical L/D ratios for the V3 are in the region of 10.5 at low angle to 5.9 at maximum downforce compared to a best of 7.5 to a low of 5.2 for the competitors wing.

In fact, the results show that the V3 is more comparable to a dual element wing of similar application with similar downforce for a lot less drag at lower wing angles. The slim line aerofoil produces much less drag while the carefully crafted camber keeps airflow attached at higher angles and higher speeds than ever before.

Big down force + Low drag = Efficiency
The V3 rear wing is a reasonably heavily cambered, thin section wing designed for a stable lift/drag ratio across a wide range of attack angles. It can be used with a gurney flap for maximum down force levels, or without for a low drag setup without a large down force penalty. By Adding a gurney flap to the trailing edge, down force can be increased from 12-23% depending on angle of attack and gueney size. The key to this is keeping airflow accelerations as constant as possible over the whole surface of the wing which is never an easy feat.

Maximising the wing area also goes a long way to helping with the ultimate amount of down force and makes it easier to keep the underside airflow attached to the wing surface, even at high angles of attack.

Stable L/D ratio for better tunability
As basic as it sounds, this is something that is often missing from many wing designs. The problem of a non-linear Lift/Drag ration is that wing changes during the setup phase of a race weekend can often lead to inconsistent driver feedback. The reason for this is that each extra degree of wing angle does not always mean an equal amount of downforce, or drag for that matter. Problems with the leading edge design are the most common culprit for this as is the angle of the rear underside of the wing. The Topstage V3 wing shows a very stable L/D ratio right out to a very high angle of attack, making it easier to tune for any conditions.

Important dimensions

  • Width standard width 1830mm, can be altered to a minimum of 1600mm.
    cord depth 390mm.
  • Mounting distance 750mm standard, however can be ordered to specific dimension.
    (Once set, mounting distance cannot be altered as it is imbedded into the wing structure 
    itself to minimise drag).
  • End plate comes standard at 200mm x 400mm.