Pro Tune PR-4 – ECU

Pro Tune PR-4 is an advanced electronic engine management system and data acquisition ECU. It has integrated tools for control of injection and ignition systems up to 4 cylinders in sequential mode, or up to 8 cylinders in semi sequential mode, compatible with most 2 and 4 stroke engines.

The Pro Tune PR-4 is one of three ECU’s currently offered by Pro Tune.

Pro Tune PR-4 Product Overview

Standard Functions
  • Dual Boost Control
  • Launch Control
  • Full Throttle Shift
  • Custom CAN
  • Asymmetric Ignition
  • User Programmable Functions
  • Lambda Control
  • Idle Control
  • Emergency Map
  • Continuous Internal Data Logging – 32Mb
  • Anti Lag
Fully Enabled Functions
  • Traction Control
  • Dual Cam Control
  • Secondary Injector Bench
  • Lambda Learning
  • Dual Lambda Control (external controller required).
  • Peak and Hold
  • Dual ETC Control (external driver required for 2 throttles).
  • 8 user-programmable functions, allowing customisation of to meet specific requirements of each application.
  • Pre-defined protection strategies in events such as oil pressure, fuel pressure, temperature etc.
  • Dual cam control for intake and exhaust VVT, or up to 2 intake camshafts on dual-bank engines, with closed loop control and position target.
  • Compensation strategy in the event of camshaft position sensor synchronisation errors.
  • Dual Electronic Throttle Control (external driver needed for bank 2).
  • Pin-out compatible with PR440, PR660 and PR-8 ECUs, avoiding modifications to existing wiring harnesses.
  • Decimal fuel map, providing 40 times more resolution.
  • Fuel cut map based on TPS or pedal position.
  • Customisable CAN to aid OEM installations, providing up to 16 IDs / 4 channels each.
  • Anti-lag with electronic throttle actuation.
  • Free Air Calibration for Wideband Lambda NTK / Bosch.
  • Asymmetric Ignition for specific applications such as Wankel, Cross Plane and Odd Fire engines.
  • Machined billet aluminium body with fixing bracket.
  • Resettable Engine run time counter.
  • Configuration / calibration via Workbench PRO.
  • Integrated lambda probe controller with high-precision closed loop control for fuel injection adjustment.
  • Dual boost control for engines with two cylinder banks per closed loop. Pressure target with different strategies. Compensation for gear position, speed, auxiliary input, release time and 3D map clamp.
  • Integrated Peak and Hold (low impedance) injector control.
  • Individual trim by cylinder.
  • 3D injection phase map.
  • User defined trigger wheels and multi-tooth strategy for unusual trigger patterns.
  • Multi-tooth phase sensor compatible.
  • Fuel and ignition maps by TPS, MAP or MAF.
  • 3D load compensation map.
  • 3D lambda self-learn map.
  • Fully configurable pedal position vs TPS ratio.
  • Injection and/or ignition soft & hard cut rev-limiter.
  • Over-boost protection.
  • Start/stop button strategy.
  • Traction control with operation strategy for 1 to 4 speed sensors.
  • Compensation and hysteresis for A/C compressor activation.
  • PWM water pump control.
  • Diagnostic channels for crank & phase sensors.
  • Advanced setups for cranking and post-start.
  • Strategy for engine flood clearing.
  • 3D Emergency map.
  • Auxiliary injector rail with smooth activation and automatic calculation of fuel injection.
  • Ability to activate auxiliary injector rail in sequential mode for engine with up to 4 cylinders.
  • Volumetric efficiency calibration using fuel tables and ignition timing in 3D maps.
  • Continuous datalog recording with up to 250 simultaneous channels, up to 50Hz with automatically adjusted frequency by channel.
  • 250 kPa integrated MAP sensor.

Pro Tune PR-4 Specification:

  • Compact anodized aluminium chassis.
  • Automotive waterproof connector with 48 pins.
  • 100 MHz Dual-core processor.
  • USB communication.
  • Fixing bracket.
  • Weight: 396g.
  • Dimension: 93 x 126 x 40 mm.
  • 7 to 22 V.
  • Maximum consumption of 20A @ 12 V.
  • Injector outputs: 4
  • Ignition outputs: 4
  • Auxiliary outputs: 4
  • 5V sensors outputs: 1
  • Ground sensors outputs: 1
  • Integrated MAP sensor: 1.
  • Lambda sensor support: 2.
  • Synchronism inputs: up to 3.
  • Specific inputs for: CKP, CMP and Lambda Sensor.
  • Maximum 10 auxiliary inputs.
  • Digital inputs (frequency measurement): 2 of 10.
  • Auxiliary voltage inputs: 8 of 10.
  • Auxiliary temperature inputs: 6 of 10.
  • Digital switches auxiliary inputs: 6 of 10.
  • Serial interface: 1
  • USB interface: 1
  • CAN interface: 1
  • Outputs test.
  • Emergency map.
  • Compensation via Dash Logger.
  • Firmware updates.
  • CKP/CMP reading.
  • Errors verification.
  • Password protection.
  • Internal Data logging:  32Mb (10 channels on 10 Hz – 6 h)/ (10 channels on 1 Hz – 60 h)

Pro Tune PR-4 – Manual and Datasheet Downloads

Pro Tune Software Downloads

Pro Tune Workbench PRO (Software Download Link)

Workbench PRO® is Pro Tune’s calibration software used in conjunction with the brand’s equipment. Developed to combine functionality and performance to configure engine parameters and control variables, with graphical tools to aid in calibration and visualisation of data in real time to ensure greater practicality. Workbench PRO is versatile and provides a complete engine management solution with Pro Tune ECUs.

Pro Tune Analyzer (Software Download Link) 

Analyzer®  is Pro Tune’s data analysis software. It brings together a set of tools such as graphs, histograms and reports that allow fast analysis of data stored in the memory of the ECU or TDL SD Card. This software makes it is possible to interpret the engine parameters before making calibration adjustments, setting alarms and diagnosing engine faults. The other side of the software allows the user to study the theoretical lap times, compare GPS traces simulating the vehicle in motion and view time difference between point-to-point laps.