Pro Tune CB 1204 – Connect Box Expander / Logger

Connect Box 1204 is an instrumentation device which can be used alone, or with a Pro Tune TDL or ECU. It has 8 analogue inputs, 4 digital inputs, 6 thermocouple conditioners and 4 configurable outputs, internal datalogging and USB, Serial and CAN communication. The perfect hardware for acquiring data during calibration or as a powerful tool for expanding inputs when used as part of a Pro Tune network.

Available alone or with Pro TuneCB1204 wiring harness.

  • Easily configurable using Pro Tune Workbench.
  • USB connection.
  • 4 Mb internal datalog memory with frequency log rate up to 50Hz.
  • 6 integrated type “k” thermocouple controllers.
  • Wide number of applications beyond motorsport as craft instrumentation, stationary generators, agricultural machinery and general industrial applications.
  • Full integration with TDL and another Pro Tune’s devices.
  • Ability to use channels directly on Pro Tune ECUs.
  • Voltage supply directly from USB port to setup.
  • Can be used with others CB1204, up to 4 Connect Box with PR-4 or PR-8
  • Built in a compact and slim anodized aluminum chassis.
  • 36 pin waterproof connector.
  • USB communication.
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 105 °C.
  • Protections: battery polarity inversion; power supply transient and CAN bus line.
  • Resistant to water splashes and dust.
  • Weight: 200 grams.
  • Size: 149 x 58 x 31 mm.
  • 7 to 22 V;
  • Consumption: 90mA @ 12 Volts.
  • Analog outputs: 2 PWM 2 Amp outputs / 2 PWM 5 Amp outputs.
  • Analog inputs: 6 inputs – 0 to 5 Volts / 2 inputs – 0 to 12 Volts.
  • Digital inputs: 4 frequency measurement inputs – 0.5 to 6500 Hertz.
  • Thermocouple: 6 thermocouple type “K” -200 to 1370ºC with internal cold joint compensation in equipment.
  • Serial interface: 1
  • USB interface: 1
  • CAN interface: 1 (external termination resistor)
CB1204 Datasheet
CB1204 Wiring Harness Datasheet
Pro Tune Adaptors Datasheet
Pro Tune Workbench PRO

Workbench PRO® is Pro Tune’s calibration software used in conjunction with the brand’s equipment. Developed to combine functionality and performance to configure engine parameters and control variables, with graphical tools to aid in calibration and visualisation of data in real time to ensure greater practicality. Workbench PRO is versatile and provides a complete engine management solution with Pro Tune ECUs.

Pro Tune Analyzer

Analyzer®  is Pro Tune’s data analysis software. It brings together a set of tools such as graphs, histograms and reports that allow fast analysis of data stored in the memory of the ECU or TDL SD Card. This software makes it is possible to interpret the engine parameters before making calibration adjustments, setting alarms and diagnosing engine faults. The other side of the software allows the user to study the theoretical lap times, compare GPS traces simulating the vehicle in motion and view time difference between point-to-point laps.