OMP Alfa Romeo 146 All 10 Point Bolt In Roll Cage

OMP AB/105P/… series roll cages are made from FE45 steel with multi point bolt in roll bars. The tubing size is 40×2 and 50×2. They have connecting sleeve tubes and door bars that need to be cut and welded upon installation. They include feet brackets to weld onto the chassis floor but do not include any fitting bolts. Supplied in bare metal ready to be painted.

OMP Part Number:AB/105P/204






Homologation:FIA-ALL J

Number of fixing points:10

Material:FE45 (STEEL)

Weight (kgs):27

Fitting kit supplied:YES

Feature codes:A2EX


Important Information about OMP Roll Cage "FEATURE CODES"

OMP have a wide variety of codes that are used to describe the specific features of each roll cage.

The codes are stated in the specification above.  For example, a feature code A2SX would mean that roll cage has the following features:

A2 = Single Door Reinforcements

S = Sleeve Connecting Tubes

X = Diagonal on Rear Arm.

To see the features of this roll cage simply click the link below to view the OMP feature code diagrams.

Image of the cage is for illustration purposes to show specification only, actual cage may differ – please refer to description for accurate product summary.