Exide Premium Car Battery 017 / 019

The Exide Premium car battery range, is ideal for modern vehicles which rely on more and more electrical equipment. The Exide Premium Car battery range covers over 90% of the UK vehicles and are maintenance free for total peace of mind.

  • The Amps Per Hour (Ah) Capacity of the battery is 100 Ah
  • This is a Aftermarket type car battery
  • The Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of this battery is 900 A
  • This Car battery comes with a 4 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • The type of Battery hold down is B13
  • The Length of the Battery is 353 mm
  • The Width of the car battery is: 175 mm
  • The Height of the Battery is 190 mm
  • The Battery terminals are Negative (-) on left, Positive (+) on right.
  • The Battery terminals are on the edge of the battery closest to you.
  • The Terminals are Standard Round DIN Post
  • The UK Reference no for this battery is 17
  • The Exide Part Number is 017TE