Shah Fard


Shah has a solid understanding of comparison models working for for 8 years before setting up his digital marketing agency, bravr. Compare.Parts is the lovechild of a lifelong obsession with building race cars, as well as his technical skills as a digital marketer and developer. Shah is in charge of product and development for Compare.Parts, spending many hours (much to his Fiancee’s dislike) working on this website. Whatever free time is left, Shah spends working in the Garage on his race cars.

Greg Oxbrow

Business Development

Greg oversees the business operationally and heavily involved in the day to day running of the company. Greg is a “hybrid” with a love for Football and Cars. He has a special love for RX7’s and S2000’s.

Tim Savini

Account Manager

Tim is responsible for Account Management at Compare.Parts. He looks after all of the retailers listed on the website and the main point of contact. Tim is both a car and bike enthusiast, helping design and shape Compare.Parts from its incubation. He has a very in depth knowledge of cars, bikes and aftermarket parts. He has a special love for S-Bodies.

Tim Costello

Tim Costello

Technical Guru

Tim is a technical guru and works diligently behind the scenes to ensure the website, products and listings are up to date.

Special thanks to the following people who have contributed to the site along the way

  • Erdal E. – For spec and build the site, marketing advice and all round support
  • Shahram Z. – For helping build the site, and finding images for makes and models
  • Joe C. – For helping upload products into the Compare.Parts website
  • Anya A. – For support and helping with our Social Media
  • Laura H. – For support and helping with our Social Media
  • Tim H. – For support + marketing advice on getting the project off the ground
  • Byron C. – For emotional support throughout the project
  • Adam S. – For helping upload products into the Compare.Parts website