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Auto Style Seats – Vauxhall Vectra A Direct Fit Sub-frames

Auto Style sub-frames are made to fit Auto Style seats directly into your car quickly and easily. We strongly recommend using these when possible for a solid and secured fitment. All the subframes listed will only fit with seats of the same brand. If the sub-frames are used with seats made by other manufacturers correct fitment can not be guaranteed. These sub-frames will only fit base mountable bucket seats and reclining sport seats. They will not fit side mounted seats without adaption bars or side mounts. Please check this when ordering. Some Auto Style sub-frames are made up of just runners and brackets, other sub-frames are a complete replacement frame. This will be noted in the options and prices. The photo shown in purely for illustration purposes as every sub-frame provided for every car is completely different. Some may be adaption bars which are fitted to the exsisting frame to allow the correct seats to fit or some may be complete frames as shown in the photo. If you require more details about each specific frame then please contact us before ordering. Pricing:Product pricing is for 1 Auto Style sub-frame (fits 1 seat). Seating Position:This can be selected from the options tab. If you require both passenger and drivers side frames, please...View more


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