MR2 (1999-2007)

Toyota MR2 (1999-2007)

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Link G4+ PlugIn ECU [Toyota]

G4+ PlugIn Key Features (Where Applicable) Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping Precision closed loop cam control (four cam, independent control) Sequential fuel delivery Digital triggering, all OEM patterns OEM idle hardware supported 5D boost control with three switchable tables Motorsport features – antilag, launch, flat shift Continuous barometric


Toyota MR2 Racing Thermostat, 2000-2005

The Mishimoto 2000-2005 Toyota MR2 racing thermostat will promote greater cooling efficiency throughout your engine. A Mishimoto racing thermostat will significantly lower high engine temperature produced by modified and upgraded turbo applications. Once the engine is fully warmed up the Mishimoto racing thermostat will open up at a lower temperature (68

Toyota MR2 Spyder Performance Aluminium Radiator, 2000-2005

The Mishimoto performance aluminium radiator for the 2000–2005 Toyota MR2 is the ideal upgrade to the stock Toyota radiator. Designed and specifically engineered to maximize cooling efficiency by up to 30%, boost engine functions and protect your car from overheating whether your Toyota MR2 is a daily driver or a track car. The Mishimoto Toyota MR2