Corolla (1983-1987)

Toyota Corolla (1983-1987)

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Toyota Corolla Racing Thermostat, 1984-1997

This item also fits additional vehicles. Please click through the website link below for more details. About this Product Mishimoto has released a racing thermostat designed specifically for the 1984-1997 Toyota Corolla. Mishimoto racing thermostats promote greater cooling efficiency by significantly decreasing high engine temperatures. Once the engine is

Toyota Corolla Performance Aluminium Radiator, 1983-1987

By replacing your current Corolla AE86 radiator with a Mishimoto performance aluminium radiator, you will undoubtedly notice a cooler more efficient running engine. All Mishimoto AE86 aluminium radiators are designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency by up to 30%, protect your car from the overheating, and boost engine function. Featuring a


Toyota Corolla Performance Aluminium Fan Shroud Kit, 1983-1987

The Mishimoto Toyota Corolla aluminium fan shroud kit will considerably improve engine cooling functions and the overall performance of your vehicle. All Mishimoto fan shrouds are significantly lighter than standard fan shrouds. In maintaining the life of your engine, it is ideal to keep your engine running cool, especially during those unbearably hot days.