Mitsubishi Car Parts

‘Mitsu’ translates into “three” and ‘Hishi’ into “water chestnut”. Therefore Mitsubishi can be translated as “three diamonds”, as reflected in the emblem.

Mitsubishi was able to dominate endurance rallies through its motorsport subsidiary Ralliart during the 70s, the Dakar Rally during the 80s and the WRC in the 90s.

Mitsubishi's definitive rally car, the Lancer Evolution, was driven to four consecutive driver titles by Tommi Makinen between 96-99, winning the manufacturers title in 1998.

Mitsubishi also boast an impressive pedigree in the Dakar Rally with twelve victories including an unstoppable run of seven consecutive wins between 2001-07, all in the Pajero.

Martial Arts film star Jackie Chan holds a long-standing tie-up with Mitsubishi, using their vehicles almost exclusively in his movies and is an honorary director of Team Ralliart China.

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