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Custom Cages Mitsubishi GTO Clubman CDS 6-Point Roll Cage

This is for aMitsubishi GTO Clubman 6-Point Roll Cagedesigned and constructed by Custom Cages. These Mitsubishi GTO roll cages are designed entirely to provide you with a safer, stronger and more rigid vehicle giving you more performance. So whether you use it on road, track or for full Motorsport use we know this roll cage will give you the security and safety you demand. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. Your roll cage arrives shrunk-wrapped in durable black plastic. And by the way, it is very heavy! CDS conforms to FIA specifications and has excellent bending and welding qualities. CDS is Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel, which is an alternative to T45. Features €¢ 6 point roll cage €¢ Exceeds MSA Blue book minimum requirements €¢ Based on full multipoint cage design €¢ Fit and quality of full multipoint cage €¢ Weld-in only €¢ All tube CDS steel 45 x 2.5mm €¢ Crossed door bars €¢ Driver and co-driver harness tubes €¢ Kit includes all footplates €¢ Simpler to install than full multipoint cage €¢ To upgrade cage with gussets etc see Accessories €¢ Extra lengths of tubes available in 1.5m to add tubes to...View more