Toyota Aygo

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Custom Cages – Toyota Aygo International Multipoint T45 Roll Cage

This is for a Toyota Aygo T45 Roll Cage designed and constructed by Custom Cages. These Toyota Aygo Multipoint roll cages are designed entirely to provide you with a safer, stronger and more rigid vehicle giving you more performance. So whether you use it on road, track or for full Motorsport use we know this roll cage will give you the security and safety you demand. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us. Your roll cage arrives shrunk-wrapped in durable black plastic. And by the way, it is very heavy! Features: T45 is significantly stronger than CDS. High Tensile Carbon Manganese Steel's (T45) tensile strength is 700N/mm2, two thirds higher than for CDS. T45's greater strength means certified roll cages can delivery the same strength as CDS but with thinner wall tube so saving weight. Fully certified roll-cage designs give a distinct advantage over roll-cages constructed to minimum compliance as they are constructed using a small diamete/thinner gauge tube, thus giving a considerable weight saving. Depending on the make & model, a fully certified roll cage gives you the ability to complete in FIA, international events. Inside you will find: CNC formed tubes for the main...View more


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