Introducing the New and Improved Our Alpha Release Unveiled!

We’re excited to announce the Alpha release of, our latest and most significant update yet. This isn’t just a rebuild; it’s a complete engine rebuild, designed to enhance your experience in finding and soon, selling car parts.

Expanded Product Range

We’ve made a significant leap from our previous 45,000 products to an over 300,000. This is just the start, and we’re going to work with more partners to get to our 1m performance product aims. This expansion means you have a ton of options from sellers across the globe. helping you find the performance parts you need quickly.

Exciting News for Sellers: Marketplace User Registration

A key feature of our new platform is the introduction of marketplace functionality. This means, very soon, you’ll not only be able to buy parts but also sell them through We’re putting the final touches on this feature and will open user registrations for marketplace functionality soon. Initially this will be invite only, but if you’d like to be included, then please contact us.

Innovative Search Features

Our new platform includes advanced features like Instant Search and Facet Search, making finding the right part both quick and effortless. We’re also committed to keeping our product listings up to date, with daily updates to our product catalog.

A Small Team with Big Dreams

Our team may be small, but our ambitions for are huge. We’re passionate about creating the best possible marketplace for car parts, and this Alpha release is just the start. As with any significant update, there might be small issues that need ironing out. We’re working to perfect every aspect of, but if you encounter any issues or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your input is invaluable to us.

Stay Tuned and Get Ready to Sell!

Keep an eye out for further updates, especially regarding our marketplace functionality. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. Your passion for cars and performance is what drives us forward.

Happy shopping and soon, happy selling at!

Shahin Fard

Written by Shahin Fard

Shah is the founder of Compare.Parts, he has been a car enthusiast since he can walk and enjoys building performance orientated cars. Shah currently owns an 660bhp R35 GT-R, 950BHP R33 Skyline GTR and a HKS inspired RB26 powered Altezza.

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