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Revo Technik DSG and S-Tronic Performance Software Upgrade

**For all Revo Software the vehicle is required to have the installation take place at our fitting center in Wrexham. Installation times may vary depending on application. Please call our fitting centre on 01978 664 468 to book your car in now.** **Please note, all listings on the website only show availability and gains. Please ring our fitting centre to order.** Revo Software – DSG Stage 1 & 2 and S-Tronic Stage 1 & 2 This Software upgrade is designed to complement the wide range of remaps available for cars with DSG and S-Tronic gear boxes, allowing you to fully harness the power increase and enjoy enhanced control. Revo's DSG and S-Tronic Software has been developed to improve overall performance and driveability. Up and Downshifts in both Drive and Sport mode have been modified, Upshifts have been raised to around 7000rpm (model dependent) to utilise the engine. By increasing the shift point to around 7000rpm (model dependent) it allows the engine to stay in it most effect operating range for longer. For vehicles with launch Control the Upshift range has also been increased to 3200rpm for FWD models and 4000rpm for 4WD models giving you a swifter, smoother and more effective start. If desired a custom launch...View more

Revotec Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink 3:1 Ratio

The Revotec Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink features and inner coating which, when heated, becomes adhesive ensuring the shrink remains in the required position without twisting. The Heat Shrink has a 3:1 ratio, providing the user with a straightforward means of covering the cable itself, then once the wrap is in the specified location it can be secured by applying heat. The shrink is available in 7 inner diameter measurements between 3 – 39mm (pre-shrunk), ideal for a huge range of cable diameters ensuring cables in your vehicle can be managed correctly.View more

Revotec Flexible Aluminium Convoluted Ducting

Manufactured from convoluted aluminium tubing this flexible ducting hose enables air to be directed where it is required and holds its shape once in position. Ideal for use in hot areas such as engine bays. Anodised aluminium finishing rings are available separately to provide a neater finish. Supplied in 1m lengths.View more

Revotec Duct Hose Joining Collars

A simple and highly effective way to neatly seal ducts and intake hoses. Each collar has an adhesive inner edge which bonds as the collar shrinks when subjected to a gentle heat source such as a hair dryer. The collar shrinks by up to 63 percent of the original size to provide a strong, neat water and vibration proof joint.View more

Revotec Rectangular Intake Duct

A rectangular moulded plastic inlet duct which accepts a 51mm bore ducting hose. Ideal for front bumper or spoiler mounting. Dimensions -152mm x 51mmView more

Revotec Wide Rectangular Intake Duct

A rectangular moulded plastic inlet duct which accepts a 51mm bore ducting hose. Ideal for front bumper or spoiler mounting. Dimensions -190mm x 45mmView more

Revotec Cold Air Feed Kit

These cold air feed ducting kits from Revotec are perfect for brakes or air intakes. Included in the kit is a metre length of black neoprene hose which has a spring wire helix to give it ultimate flexibility while maintaining its shape without kinking. Also included is an anodised alloy inlet with a gauze, a pre-cut self-adhesive pad for the inlet and a pair of heat shrink joining sleeves.View more

Revotec Air Inlet Gauze

A die cut gauze insert designed to fit the Revotec range of aluminium air inlets to prevent any debris from entering the inlet. Available in a range of size and colours to suit the aluminium inlet range. Inlet not includedView more

Revotec Intake Duct With Offset Outlet

A moulded plastic inlet duct which has an offset inlet and accepts a 51mm bore ducting hose. Ideal for front bumper or spoiler mounting. Dimensions -152mm x 51mmView more

Revotec Twin Outlet Side Air Duct

Extra large moulded side air duct with twin outlets to connect to 70mm ducting hose. Ideal for mounting to bonnets, perspex side windows or side pods. External dimensions:250mm x 280mm (including 12mm mounting flange).View more

Revotec Aluminium Air Inlets

These lightweight aluminium inlets are ideal for fitting to a panel on the outside of the car and have a provision for connecting a duct hose.View more

Revotec Air Hose Reducers (2 Step)

The Revotec Air Hose Reducers provide a neat and professional look solution to joining pipework. The reducers are available in a wide range of sizes to suit fitments from intercooler pipes to brake ducting and are manufactured from 1.5mm spun aluminium optimising low weight for competition applications. All reducers are 80mm in length and are able to be welded.View more

Revotec Large 2 Piece Rectangular Ultra Slim Intake Duct

This slim line air intake duct is suitable for a 63mm hose and is rectangular in shape. Ideal for mounting to bumpers or spoilers. Dimensions -225mm x 25mm Depth- 214mmView more

Revotec Anodised Aluminium Air Inlets

These lightweight aluminium inlets are ideal for fitting to a panel on the outside of the car and have a provision for connecting a duct hose. A die cut gauze insert is available separately to prevent debris entering the inlet. See accessories for options.View more

Revotec Air Outlet Grill

The Revotec Air Outlet Grill is designed to allow hot air to escape from areas where heat accumulation is a concern. The Grilles are designed in lightweight 1.2mm thick aluminium with a laser cut honeycomb style design for a professional look. The items each feature pre-drilled attachment points easing installation whilst also ensuring regular mounting and neater positioning. The grilles feature a subtle high quality black anodised finish for longevity and are supplied in a choice of sizes depending on the level of heat dissipation required. Image is for illustration purposes, Sold individually.View more

Revotec GT Air Scoop

The Revotec GT Air Scoop features a subtle and practical design for optimum air flow control. The GT Air Scoop can look at home mounted to the bonnet, trafficking air to air filters, or to bodywork for brake cooling amongst other uses. The Air Scoop is manufactured from moulded ABS with a two piece construction and features stepped hose connectors to increase to range of hoses available to connect to in either 76-63mm or 63-51mm (can be adapted to closest). The Scoops are available in either black or clear finishes depending on colour way or appearance requirements. Dimensions: 224mm long x 124mm wide – 63-51mm outlet 280mm long x 149mm wide – 76-63mm outletView more

Revotec Large Rectangular Intake Duct With Stepped Outlet

A large rectangular moulded plastic inlet duct which has a stepped inlet to accept either a 76mm or 63mm bore ducting hose. Ideal for front bumper or spoiler mounting. Dimensions -255mm x 80mmView more

Revotec Aluminium Hose Reducers

This simple solution enables you to join different diameter air ducting or induction hose quickly and easily. Made from spun aluminium they have 2 stepdown sizes and can be cut to length if required. Available in 3 different diameter reductions, all are 145mm long.View more

Revotec High Flow Aluminium Air Inlet

The Revotec High Flow Aluminium Air Inlet range is finished in a brushed aluminium finish for a corrosion resistant, subtle but high quality installation. The high flow aluminium air inlets have specific geometry for maximising intake velocity. These hose inlets have been manufactured with a unique rear mounting flange, which allows the hose end, which may be unsightly, to be hidden and tucked away out of sight. The hose is then simply secured into place with the included hose clip and fixed into its final position with the universal fixing kit. The aluminium ensures the installation reduces weight as much as possible, without sacrificing under bonnet appearance or the 'finish' of the ducting. The inlets are available in 5 sizes from 51mm to 102mm. Sold Individually.View more

Revotec Alloy In-Line Blower Fans

Designed for the harsh environments found in Motorsports these highly efficient fans are constructed using lightweight aluminium bodies with laser cut and precision balanced blades for optimum performance. The fan body is anodised for corrosion resistance. The fan motors are fitted with electrical suppression and are voltage stabilised for perfect operation and long life. These Revotec in line fans are ideal for – Driver cooling Brake cooling Engine bay cooling Engine bay vapour and dust extraction Available with 3" or 4" inlet / outlet and includes mounting feet.View more

Revotec Aluminium Finishing Rings For Aluminium Conveluted Ducting

These anodised aluminium finishing rings are designed to fit the Revotec flexible aluminium ducting to provide a neat finish.View more

Revotec Blower Fan Y Splitter

Designed to directly fit to the Revotec In-Line blower fan these moulded Y splitter allows air to be ducted to 2 separate areas via ducting hose (available separately). Available in 2 sizes – To fit 3" fanwith 2 x 51mm OD outlets To fit 4" fanwith 2 x 63mm OD outletsView more

Revotec NACA Moulded Air Duct 2 Piece

The NACA Moulded Air Duct features a two piece design for optimum fit and flow performance. The Air Duct has been extensively tested to ensure this duct provides ultimate efficiency with just a 7.5 degree ramp and crisp/sharp edging, whilst the 90% potential efficiency ensures minimum vehicle outer shell drag with maximum air flow to the required area. The Duct is manufactured from a durable ABS plastic and is a universal fitment, with the outer lip (including a 10mm flange) able be modified to suit most requirements. Available in 63 or 76mm diameter hose couplingView more

Revotec Round Inlet Duct

A moulded plastic inlet duct which has an outer diameter of 145mm and accepts a 63mm bore ducting hose. Ideal for front bumper or headlight mounting. Manufactured to an excellent quality, the item is durable for exterior use yet can also be modified to shape or size for a huge range of installation types.View more