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Pitking Products Non-Skid Tape

Performance Non-Skid Tape which features an adhesive backing providing straightforward installation with long lasting usability. The non-skid tape is covered with an anti-slip material, useful for reducing the possibility of slippage by covering popular tread points which may become slippy with regular foot traffic. Useful on trailers, tread plates and steps etc, the tape will also handle temperatures up to 220 degrees celsius. Dimensions: 3m long x 100mm wideView more

Pitking Products Battery Jump Pack / Multi Function Power Pack

This incredibly useful device can be used to jump start your car / bike / boat / snowmobile or any other engine as well as charge your phone / tablet or laptop, all in one powerful yet compact tool. It even has an LED torch on the end so you can see in the dark. The heart of the jump pack is an 8000 – 13600mAh lithium battery which produces a peak current of 400a. It features a 12v output for jump starting as well as 5v / 2a USB output for charging your media devices such as cameras, phones or tablets. The kit comes complete with the battery pack, jump start cables with crocodile clip ends, a USB cable and a range of adaptors to suit most popular electronic devices. All this comes in a protective carry case which is perfect for leaving in your vehicle in case of emergencies. The unit can be recharged from a mains electric supply or from a vehicle 12v supply. Both types of charger are included. If you are a little sceptical about the capabilities of this battery pack, Demon Tweeks conducted our own little test. We jump started a BMW 328 track...View more

Pitking Products Brake Bleeder Top Up Bottle

This brake bleeder top up tank is ideal for one man bleeding as it automatically replaces the brake fluid as the level drops making the whole process faster and easier.View more

Pitking Products Stainless Steel Locking Straps

The Pitking Products Stainless Steel Locking Straps provide a quick and robust solution to securing a huge range of items where a standard cable tie may not be sufficient. The Locking straps are an ideal solution for in particular exhaust wrap securing, as the stainless steel will be highly resistant to corrosion and will perform to higher temperatures and tolerances. The straps are a low profile design ensuring easier installation in tight spaces and require no special tools. The Locking Straps are available in 8", 12" or 14" lengths for a variety of tasks. ** Whilst stocks last we also have available 350mm and 710mm length locking straps, sold in singles. **View more

Pitking Products Camcorder / Camera Suction Mount

This camcorder / camera suction mount is ideal for attaching to windscreens or any other smooth / flat surface. Camera attachment is via an industry standard 1/4" thread and the 360 degree swivel provides limitless angles so you can be sure of obtaining the ideal camera angle.View more

Pitking Products Universal Fan Fitting Kit

Pitking Products universal fan fitting kit are designed to allow fitment of aftermarket fans to standard or aftermarket radiators and intercoolers. Everything you need is included to make the job as easy as possible. Kit comes complete with: 4 x springs 4 x retaining clips 8 x eva foam pads 4 x plastic rodsView more

Pitking Products High Quality Leather Bonnet Straps

These handmade high quality leather straps are commonplace on many historic race cars today. They are made from the finest quality hand cut leather and finished off with nickel plated buckles and fixings. Colour : Dark Brown Sold as a pair.View more

Pitking Products Stainless Steel Grill Mesh

This universal grill mesh is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel wire for a long lasting corrosion free finish. Ideal for use on air intakes / ducts or to protect radiators / oil coolers. 1mm wire diameter with 4mm diameter holes in the mesh. Available in 2 sheet sizes – 12" x 24" 24" x 36"View more

Pitking Products Universal Alloy Race Mirrors – Pair

These stylish mirrors feature a flat glass and aluminium body with a billet aluminium arm making them very robust and ideal for motorsport or road use. The mirror has a ball and socket pivot system for adjustment and can be tightened so it will not move with vibration. These mirrors have a single bolt attachment for easy fitting to almost any vehicle and have been tried and tested in both the Caterham academy and on Aerial atom cars. SVA compliant. Dimensions – Glass : 115 x 45mm Stem height from mount to mount : 100mm Sold as a pair.View more

Pitking Products Wire Towing Eye

These heavy duty wire towing eyes are the perfect solution for the recovery of a motorsport vehicle. Designed to be mounted securely to the vehicle chassis, front or rear sub frame or something of similar strength of your race / rally car with the large (60mm diameter) loop protruding through the bumper or grill. They should not be bolted to a normal body section like the inner front panel or the boot floor, unless a reinforcing plate is used similar to a harness belt mounting. The wire towing eye needs to be secured with a M12 or 1/2" nut and bolt and two flat washers. The eye may be mounted either horizontally or vertically, whichever suits the vehicle best. There is a material tag attached to the loop to retrieve it in case it drops inside the bumper or grill. Construction- 6mm stainless steel wire with copper ferrule crimp. Bright coloured plastic covered loop with choice of colours. Max load- 2.6 tons Length- 300mm Complies with FIA and MSA regulations.It is recommended to fit 4 per car (as in BTCC). Sold singular, or in PACKS OF 4 (SAVING 10% when compared to buying individually) Please note: the wire towing eye is for towing...View more

Pitking Products Carbon Roll Cage Protector – Metre Length

This carbon protector simply clips over your door bars or other cage areas and protects it against getting scratched. Suitable for 38-40mm diameter roll cage tubing. Double sided adhesive tape or strips is recommended to provide a more secure fit. Sold as a 1 metre length Not FIA or MSA approved for motorsport use.View more

Pitking Products Carbon Fibre Stop Watch Door Mount

The Carbon Fibre Stop Watch Door Mount enables timing equipment or some trip meters to be door rather than dashboard mounted. The Door Mount includes an outer flange for secure mounting and an angled face for an easier viewing angle when the door is closed. The mount can be fitted to left and right hand drive vehicles and is also equipped with a useful top surface which can also be utilised for pencil clips or other associated items which navigators require to hand. The Mount is finished to an excellent standard and is excellent value as a product that is pre-fabricated and ready to use. Dimensions- Length (front) – 150mm Length (back) -125mm Width – 30mm Height – 50mm Flange – 75mm x 70mm Image is for illustration purposes only, clock is not included.View more

Pitking Products On Car Tow Strap

These universal tow straps from Pitking Products are designed to comply with MSA regulations and can be used on the front or rear of the car. Made from webbing with a 3000kg capacity and stitched into a 10" loop. The steel mounting plate has a 1/2" diameter bolt hole. 12" overall length.View more

Pitking Products Quick Release Clip – Push Button Release

These revolutionary new fasteners from Pitking Products provide a neat and quick release alternative to traditional bonnet pins or panel fasteners. They are a 2 piece design comprising of a pin and latch. The two parts snap together securely on a ball and socket fitting. To release, simply press the button in the latch. This ball and socket fitting provide high levels of misalignment and 360 degree rotation making them ideal for awkward panel shapes. The latch also incorporates a spring loaded 'damper' to allow for some deflection on rigid panels. The quick release clip can be fitted on panels up to a maximum thickness of 8mm and the threaded pin had a length of 105mm for a wide range of mounting options. The threaded pin is manufactured from stainless steel and the quick release latch is anodised aluminium for a long lasting corrosion free finish. The quick release fasteners are ideal for – Bonnet pins Boot latches Panel fastening Interior panels Sold individuallythe fastener comprises of – 1  M8 x 105mm pin 1  Alloy quick release latch 1  Alloy latch locknut 2  M8 locknuts 2  8mm washersView more

Pitking Products Volcano Exhaust Wrap

Pitking Products Volcano Exhaust Wrap is manufactured from crushed lava rock filament fibre for maximum heat absorbency. The Volcano Exhaust Wrap is ideal for wrapping exhaust headers or any section of exhausts that require barriers against ambient heat. Excessive under bonnet temperatures are one of the issues which hinder performance in competition applications, simply as the intake is usually in a similar location to the headers which essentially reduce to opportunity for the intake to draw cooler denser air. The Volcano Wrap can handle constant temperatures up to 982 degrees C and 1371 degrees C intermittent and is available in a range of lengths/widths to a range of requirements. Width x Roll Length: 1 Inch x 15ft 1 Inch x 25ft 1 Inch x 50ft 1 Inch x 100ft 2 Inch x 15ft 2 Inch x 25ft 2 Inch x 50ft 2 Inch x 100ftView more

Pitking Products Exhaust Wrap

This Exhaust Wrap has been introduced to provide competitors with a straightforward process of reducing the all important under bonnet temperatures. The Exhaust Wrap is easy to fit and allows engines to optimise horsepower by drawing cooler air into the intake. The wrap is highly versatile as it can be used in most parts of the exhaust system where cooling is problematic (eg where exhausts are close to bodywork) and is available in two colours for optimum choice. The Exhaust Wrap is supplied in either 20 or 50ft lengths and 1" or 2" widths depending on the size of task. We recommend fixing the Pitking exhaust wrap with stainless steel locking ties for the neatest and most secure installation. See have you also considered section for suitable options of locking ties.View more

Pitking Products Cool Tape

The Pitking Products Cool Tape features an adhesive backing, ensuring ease of installation to combat a huge range of issues where ambient or direct heat is problematic. The Cool Tape enables a quick and simple solution to protect various components from radiant heat up to 1000 degrees centigrade such as wiring, cables etc. Available in three sizes: 1.5" x 15ft 1.5" x 30ft 2" x 60ftView more

Pitking Products GPS Lap Timer

This stand alone unit uses 10hz GPS technology to obtain lap times so no external beacons are required. An internal battery means no hard wiring, simply switch on and go. The unit is selectable between lap, drag and section (rally/hillclimb) modes, each with an array of data on hand including total, average, fastest and slowest times as well as max speed. All times can be reviewed later with the drag menu able to display a speed graph of the run.The unit is backlit for ease of use in dark conditions. Supplied with a USB lead for uploading data and charging. Current lap time Total time Average lap time Fastest/slowest time Lap, Drag and Section modes Drag racing speed graph 3.7v Internal battery 20 Hours constant usage time Self adhesive velcro mounting Dimensions:78 x 50 x 16mm Weight:120g (GPSLT2)View more

Pitking Products Twin Hose Brake Bleeder Bottle

A one man brake bleeding system with 2 hoses for race calipers with 2 bleed nipples. Featuring a plastic bottle and neoprene hoses with a rubber lip check valve which only allows fluid to flow in one direction.View more

Pitking Products Tow Strap Carabiner

These heavy duty Carabiners are ideal for mounting tow straps to road cars for trackdays and removes the necessity to bolt to the chassis. Image showing strap is for example purposes only. The tow strap is not included.View more

Pitking Products Coilover C-Spanner

The Spax Coilover C Spanners are a simple but extremely effective design available for 1.9" or 2.25" coilover adjusters. The Spanners include a lug on the end of the spanner, which is ideal for locating into the notch on the coilover height adjusters. The C Spanners are sold individually, image is for illustration purposes only.View more

Pitking Products Baylent Cap Jerry Cans

These Jerry Cans feature robust 0.8mm thick steel fabrication with automated welded seams for high strength and long lasting performance. The cans are powder coated externally and have a flame retardant internal powder coated finish resistant to fuels. They have a unique wide channel breather for smoother pouring. Baylent cap closure is completely leak proof with the can in any position, with additional protection of a locking pin to ensure it cannot be opened accidentally. These Jerry cans are all UN tested and certified to Group level 2 which is the correct requirement for Jerry cans containing flammable liquids such as petrol and other fuels. Each can is stamped with a unique UN number. The cans have also been independently tested in the UK and exceeded the Group 1 level for dangerous liquids and chemicals. Available in 10 or 20 Litre capacities. Watch a video of Jerry cans being tested to UN standardsView more

Pitking Products Durometer

Pitking Products Tyre Durometer offers a simple solution for enabling accurate checking of tyre condition. The Durometer Tests the tyre to enable the user to gauge whether a tyre is suitable for competition. If the tyre is too soft, the tyre may overheat or 'go off', whilst if the tyre is too hard the tyre may not reach optimum temperature, neither of which is ideal for competition circumstances. For a relatively small outlay the Durometer can ensure optimum tyre selection for race day. Includes protective case.View more

Pitking Products Digital Castor / Camber Module

This digital gauge / module from Pitking Products is perfect for measuring camber and castor angles but it is also useful for fabrication use such as pipe bending. The large, easy to read screen displays angles from 0-360 degrees and has a switchable back light. An auto 'power off' function saves the battery when not in use. A mounting frame is available separately to allow for easy one-handed camber measuring. **Note, scaled turn plates are required to take castor measurements** Frame not includedView more