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Pagid RS4-2 Blue Brake Pad Set

Few brake pad compounds are as highly regarded as the Pagid RS4-2 also referred to as 'Pagid Blue'. The Pagid Blue RS4-2 is a carbon based compound with a medium friction level. It has an excellent low temperature response and remains very stable over a wide temperature range. Designed to withstand constant temperatures of up to 600 deg C the RS4-2 is very user friendly with excellent modulation and 'feel' and is widely used across many forms of motorsport from single seaters and sports cars to Group N rallying. It is also becoming more and more popular as a trackday pad and for use in historic rallying.View more

Pagid RBF330 Racing Brake Fluid

PagidRBF330is a high performance racing brake fluid that has been specially formulated for racing applications, where braking systems consistently operate at very high temperatures. The typical dry boiling point of 330°C (626°F) is extremely high and guarantees maximum safety against vapour lock. In addition to guarding against vapour lock, Pagid RSRBF330racing brake fluid maintains its excellent viscosity, lubricity and compressibility performance at extreme temperatures, helping to maintain braking system reliability and performance. Sold in 1/2 Litre bottles.View more