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Litchfield GT-R LM20 Dry Carbon Front Grill Blade

Litchfield’s dry carbon grill blade can be installed on all MY17+ facelifted GT-Rs and replaces the plastic/chrome grill of the standard car. Made in the UK, by a F1 supplier, these Dry Carbon spoilers are finished in a smooth satin finish and we feel it gives the front of the car a more aggressive and classy

Litchfield GT-R Gearbox Sump Pan

As the Nissan GT-R becomes a little older and exposed to the harsh winter road conditions, Litchfield have seen many cars with badly corroded standard sumps. The normal option is to replace the corroded sump with a new replacement Nissan Sump (£250+ vat) or upgrade it to an expensive billet sump. With the development of Litchfields gearbox oil cooler

Litchfield GT-R Gearbox Oil Cooler

The Litchfield gearbox oil cooler is one of the most compact installations available on the market, due to the fact the cooling core is mounted at the rear of the car just behind the nearside wheel, rather than the front like others already available. It has been proven over the past two years in many trips to the Nurburgring and Spa, plus domestic tracks

Litchfield GT-R Power Steering Cooler

The Litchfield R35 Power Steering cooler is a direct replacement for the stock cooler mounted in front of the radiator. We are seeing more and more of the original Nissan coolers leak with age and the rubber hoses can split. Normally this goes unnoticed as the undertrays on the car catch all of the leaked oil, and the first sign of an issue is a noisy power

Litchfield GT-R Fuel Breather Kit

Chances are if you own a GT-R you will be familiar with the problem of refuelling it at the petrol pump, particularly on warm days or after a spirited drive. Other common symptoms include a strong smell of fuel around the car after a run, a huge rush of fuel vapours as the fuel cap is removed, an inability to refuel from a jerry can and fuel spitting back

Litchfield GT-R Engine Oil Cooler

A simple but highly effective innovation for the Nissan GT-R is Litchfield’s competition-quality oil cooler upgrade, suitable for all age vehicles. The cooler upgrade solves the problem with many tuned GT-Rs; that the OEM cooler simply not having the capacity or efficiency to maintain the oil at a safe temperature. If engine oil gets too hot it can

Litchfield GT-R Race Intercooler

The Litchfield Race Intercooler will improve performance for any Nissan GT-R running over Stage 4, but really excels with cars running over 750 bhp. Developed over a 6-month period of research and testing Litchfield created a product that performs exceptionally well beyond 1200 bhp. The intercooler has been fitted on a number of Litchfield customer cars

Litchfield Super Stock Intercooler

The Super Stock Intercooler is aimed at improving performance for Stage 4 and 4.5 customers who have reached the limits of the original OEM intercooler core. Designed to mount in the standard location the Super Stock intercooler offers higher performance in both flow and cooling capacity in a beautifully engineered and affordable package. It features a

Litchfield GT-R Stage 5 – 950 bhp capable – Borg Warner 6758 EFR Standard Manifold Turbo Kit

These 6758 EFR turbos have been Litchfield’s centre piece of their Stage 5 conversion. Litchfield were the first company to install these turbos into the GT-R turbine housings and the results were incredible. The advanced light weight design gives quicker than stock turbo spool and fantastic throttle response with the increased size allow the turbos

Litchfield GT-R Stage 5 – 1000 bhp capable – Garrett G25-660 Standard Manifold Turbo Kit

Litchfield’s latest Stage 5 turbos feature the Garrett Motion G25-660 turbo cores complete with fitting kit. These are the ideal turbos for customer looking for up to 1,000 bhp in the stock location turbo manifolds. These upgraded turbos use heavily modified versions of the original turbine housings, compressor covers and integrated manifolds to

Litchfield GT-R Stage 4.5 – 800 bhp capable – IHI Standard Manifold Turbo Kit

Litchfield’s most popular turbo kit is their IHI Stage 4.5 turbos which give great response and are capable of flowing 800 bhp with the right supporting modifications. Ideal for customers looking to produce around 700bhp-800bhp these turbos are based on the same IHI cores found in the Nismo/GT3 models but feature Litchfield’s own Billet

Litchfield GT-R LM20 Dry Carbon Rear Spoiler Extension

The Litchfield dry carbon rear spoiler extension can be installed on all model years of GT-R (2007-2020) and is designed help the rear aero balance at the rear of the car. Made in the UK, by a F1 supplier, these Dry Carbon spoilers are finished in a smooth satin finish with the Litchfield embossed on the rear. The rear spoiler extension made up part of the

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