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Krontec Hardline Lightweight AluminiumTube – 4 Metre Length

Krontec hardline tube is an extremely lightweight alternative to Aeroquip type pipe and is suitable for use in plumbing fuel or oil systems. Manufactured from precision drawn aluminium with a polyamid coating to prevent corrosion and protect against abrasion this hardline can easily be cut and bent to shape by hand. Krontec hardline is ideal to use when running fuel or oil lines inside the car as they do not allow any vapour to escape so you will not get a fuel smell inside the car like you would with most rubber pipes. Hardline is designed to be used with compression fittings and a range is available in JIC (UNF) or Metric to suit most plumbing requirements. Sold in a 4 metre lengthView more

Krontec Alloy Panel Holder

The Krontec Alloy Panel Holder is a three piece quick release panel holder made from anodised aluminium. It is made up of 2 fittings (top and bottom plates, sold individually) and is secured with a quick release 5/16inch diameter pip pin (not included, available below). Ideal for panel attachment in low stress areas and as an auxiliary bonnet holder.View more