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Hondata S300 – Honda B/D/F/H-Series [Plug & Play ECU]

Complete plug and play package with the latest Hondata S300 ready installed. This is the complete plug and play ECU package for those wanting to use Hondata S300 Version 3. For those who’d like to use the boost control features of the S300 software. Please note: For use on manual transmission vehicles only. You will require an ECU Jumper harness

Hondata K100 [Supplied & Calibrated] ECU

The K100 is a circuit board that is installed in your ECU in a similar fashion to the K-Series programmable ECU (K-Pro) at a lower cost. It allows you to install and then customise a calibration specifically tailored for your car. The prices quoted include supply, fitment and calibration including dyno time. If the product is purchased online will arrange

Hondata Kpro 4 [Supplied & Calibrated] ECU

The KPro4 is the 4th generation board made by Hondata, Superseding all previous versions, with a more powerful processor, enhanced on board datalogging, faster upload and datalogging, live tuning and auto-tune, Bluetooth, ethanol sensor input, dash outputs, advanced protection and closed loop wideband support. It allows you to install and then customise a