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Gunson Trakrite Camber Gauge

The Gunson Trakrite Camber Gauge allows camber to be measured from -3 to +3 graduated degrees. The Camber Gauge contains a magnetic surface which attaches to the hub or disc brake for accurate checking of the castor and camber angles. The tool allows you to return the strut to its original camber position or to check camber profiles prior to reinstalling.

Gunson Trakrite – Trakrite Only

The Gunson Trakrite is the simplest, most accurate device for checking the alignment of the steered wheels of car and light commercials. It is a roller bearing platform over which one front wheel is slowly driven with the wheels in their straight ahead position. The movement is linked to a pointer which shows if adjustment is needed and in which direction.

Gunson Eezibleed

Eezibleed is an automatic hydraulic brake and clutch bleeder kit. This system sets the standard for affordable brake and clutch bleeding systems, using air pressure from a spare wheel it will effortlessly bleed hydraulic systems. The Eezibleed provides a simple one man solution to the labour intensive two man operation of bleeding brakes. A number of

Gunson Brake Fluid Tester

The Gunson Brake Fluid Tester is a simple but effective way of testing the brake fluid in a vehicle and showing its result with a coloured response. A green light indicates the brake fluid is ok and has a water content of 1.5% or less, whilst a red light indicates a water content of at least 3% and should be changed asap. The tester features an automatic