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Flex-A-Lite Fan Electric 12 1/8" dual push/pull universal X-treme S-blade w/var spd control

High performance electric engine cooling fan with low profile shroud. Dual fans and high output motors. Made in the USA Flex-a-lite Reversible X-Treme dual electric S-Blade fan system that moves 3,000 cfm of airflow with full shroud measuring 26 ¼ x 15 ½ inches. Recover horsepower improve fuel economy by replacing your stock clutch fan ass Features Title:

Flex-A-Lite Fan Electric 15" single S blade puller w/ controls

High performance Black Magic Electric fan for primary engine cooling. Improves horse power & fuel economy. Made in the USA Flex-a-lite 15-inch Black Magic S-Blade reversible electric fans can recover engine power and increase fuel economy when used as a primary cooling fan to replace a belt-driven fan. This powerful fan moves 3,000 cfm of airflow and

Flex-A-Lite Fan Electric 11" dual shrouded pusher or puller w/ controls

Compact reversible Flex-a-lite dual electric-fan system with full shroud measuring 25 ?? x 12 3/8 inches. It features two 11-inch electric fans and moves 2,029 cfm of airflow. Includes Adjustable Thermostat Controller. High performanc electric fan for primary cooling. Made in the USA Features Title: Fan Electric 11″ dual shrouded pusher or puller w/