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Drift Oil Catch Tank

The Oil Catch Tanks from drift are constructed from lightweight aluminium and are available in a choice of colours. The catch tank is designed to collect any crankcase oil and prevent any vapours recirculating back into the air take, this also helps keep the engine oil cleaner for longer between service periods. The Drift oil catch tanks have a visible level indicator with a capacity of 600cc.View more

Drift Engine Specific Oil Cap

Developed to offer a dual solution for both function and under bonnet style, the Drift motorsport Oil cap is available for popular applications. Drift performance Oil Caps ensure a secure seal onto the rocker cover to ensure no leakage, whilst are constructed using the latest technology to ensure the cap is finished to the highest standard for great under bonnet appearance. Available for Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota cap fitments, the Drift versions are available in a choice of colourway with crisp Drift branding for a finishing touch.View more

Drift T Boost Control Valve

The T Boost Controller from Drift is constructed from tough billet aluminium and features fine increment adjustment with allen key locking nut. On a turbocharged car the boost control is managed by the actuator on the wastegate which opens and diverts pressure away from the turbo once the inlet pressure reaches a certain limit. If this pressure signal from the inlet to the actuator is intercepted it is possible to control the inlet or boost pressure that the actuator will open at. By far the easiest and most cost effective way of controlling the amount of pressure going to the wastegate is with amanual boost control valve.View more

Drift Radiator Cap Cover

Drift have released this range of radiator cap covers to fix over traditional 'lemon shape' radiator cap types, optimising under bonnet appearance. Ideal for a multitude of radiator caps with the traditional 'lemon' type shape, Drift radiator cap covers fit over the cap, instantly upgrading the standard cap. The cap covers feature useful safety features such as a warning symbol and open or close directionality, whilst also include subtle Drift branding which can match to associated engine bay Drift products or stand proud on its own. The cap covers maintain the standard operation of the caps so you do not have to remove them to open/close, and are available in choice of anodised colourway to suit a host of engine bay types. The cap covers themselves are constructed from a lightweight yet durable alloy for longevity and have been designed as with all Drift products to be installed easily.View more

Drift Magnetic Performance Oil Filter

Developed to offer superior performance over standard specification oil filters, Drift Performance Oil Filters feature a weld on nut for easier removal/fitting. Drift have developed the Performance oil filters to heavier duty tolerances, ideal for fast road and competition applications which often inherit high revs and increased oil pressure. Designed to ensure stress free installation, all Drift oil filters feature a weld on nut which elimiates the requirement for oil filter wrenches, the filter simply spins on and can be torqued by the nut accordingly. The Drift oil filters have been designed with some additional useful features including a pressure relief valve which protects the engine for oil starvation should the filter become blocked yet also includes a double pleat filter which in essense ensures high flow, maintained oil pressure, combined with maximum filtration and removal of oil borne particles. The filter is also equipped with a anti drain back valve which ceases dry starts which can cause engine damage and retains oil, whilst also includes a built in magnet which attracts stray contaminents such as swarf and rust which can build up over time, this reducing the chance of engine damage and wear. A wide range of filters are...View more

Drift Gauge Cup Mount – 52mm

The Drift Gauge Cup Mount is designed to house 52mm gauges where in dash space is limited. The gauge mount features a matt black finish, ideal for most cockpits and is easy to attach either via dual lock hook and loop (see associated products), or it can be screwed to the dash. The Gauge Cup features subtle Drift branding and includes a pivot mechanism to allow for adjustment and best positioning.View more

Drift Recirculating Blow Off Valve

The Recirculating Blow Off Valve from Drift is designed for larger engines and moderate boost increase. Supplied with a trumpet attachment for atmospheric release and also comes with a plumb back attachment for recirculation. A small and space efficient valve, the Drift Recirculating BOV also looks great and enhances the appearance of your engine bay. 38mm outlet.View more

Drift Atmospheric Universal Blow Off Valve

The Atmospheric Blow Off Valve from Drift is designed for smaller engines with standard or slightly increased boost. Quality construction that offers far superior performance and durability than diaphragm valves. A small and space efficient valve producing standard or mildly increased boost, as well as these great features the Drift Atmospheric BOV also looks great and enhances the appearance of your engine bay.View more

Drift Mugello Kevlar Recliner Seat

The Drift Mugello Kevlar Recliner Seat features a full reclining mechanism and a genuine kevlar shell. The Drift Mugello has high side bolsters for greater body control around corners, and a split leg cushion for added comfort. Shoulder harness slots. Black cloth with red stitching. Base mounted. Sold eachView more

Drift Estoril Carbon Recliner Seat

The Drift Estoril Carbon Recliner Seat is a high quality sports seat, manufactured from a gel coated full carbon shell and upholstered in black alcantara with red stitching. The Drift Estoril has removable cushions and shoulder slots to accomodate harness shoulder straps. Black alcantara with red stitching. Base mounted. Base measurement: 450mm Height top to floor: 855mm Width across top widest part: 575mm Width across bottom widest point: 520mmView more

Drift Catalunia Carbon Bucket Seat

The Drift Catalunia Carbon Bucket Seat is a full carbon shell bucket seat covered in a fine weave fabric with red stitching. The Drift Catalunia seat is slightly more accomodating in the seat area than the Drift GT seat for optimum comfort but still only weighs around 7kg. The seat has subtle design details which means it works well in most colour interiors, and in different styles – whether road or race orientated. Four harness /seatbelt slots. Side mounted only. Please note, these seats are not homologated for motorsport use.View more

Drift GT Carbon Bucket Seat

The Drift GT Carbon Bucket Seat is a slimline fixed back bucket seat, manufactured from a full carbon gel coated shell. Weighing just 6kg, the shell is upholstered in a fine textured fabric with minimal design details so that the seats work well with most colour interiors, race or road style. Large harness /seatbelt slots on shoulders and side slots for lap belts or seat belts. Side mounted only. 530mm across shoulder width, 475mm across front seat width.View more