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Quaife Engineering Ltd is a British manufacturer, renowned globally for its top-tier automotive performance products. Founded in 1965 by Rod Quaife, the company has established a strong reputation for its innovative design, precision engineering, and superior quality. Quaife specializes in producing high-performance drivetrain products, including differentials, gearboxes, and steering racks.

Quaife's products are designed to improve vehicle performance and enhance driving experience. They are widely used in a variety of motorsport disciplines, from rallying and racing to drifting and drag racing. Quaife's commitment to quality and performance has earned them the trust of car enthusiasts and professional racers alike.

Quaife's flagship product, the ATB Differential, is a testament to their innovative approach. This patented design delivers increased traction and control, making it a popular choice among performance car owners. All Quaife products are manufactured in the UK, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

Choose Quaife for your performance car parts needs and experience the difference in quality and performance that has made them a trusted name in the automotive industry.





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