Rose Joints & Bushes

This article will cover one of the most over looked chassis components that will dramatically affect the drivability and handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Black Friday Tyre smoking deals

We’ve researched over 350 sites to find some of the best Black Friday deals for you. We’ve included the site name, the deal, coupon codes and website links.

We’ve got everything covered from suspension, wheels, ecus, oils, fluids, clutches, brakes, induction, handling, remaps, seats and much more!

Suspension Tech 101

Replacing OEM suspension with coilovers transforms a cars handling. With Race spec technology now available to car enthusiasts, the terminology can be overwhelming. We’ve put together this article to help explain some of the more technical aspects of high performance coilovers.

Everything you need to know about Alloy Wheels

Wheels can make a huge difference to how a car looks and equally how it performs. It’s one of the most common modifications and often one of the first steps down that slippery slope into vehicle customisation and modification. There are thousands of wheel options for cars, and to the inexperienced, it can be a minefield to get your head around wheel offsets, PCD’s, wheel staggers, double staggers (yes it’s a thing).

This guide aims to explain it all!

Everything you need to know about Dyno’s

The term Dyno is short for the word Dynamometer and a dynamometer is briefly defined as a machine which is used to measure torque and rotational speed, from which power can be calculated. This guide explains the different types of Dyno’s and their advantages and disadvantages.

Engine Managment Systems – The way different systems work

Common engine management control strategies I regularly get asked questions about the different methods of load sensing used by different engine management systems, people often ask me why there are even different methods at all, and perhaps the most common questions I get asked are about which method is best suited to a specific application. Well in keeping with the ethos behind this whitepaper the following information should prove helpful for those curious to understand a little bit more about the ‘how and why’ of the engine management world, I’ll attempt to briefly explain the methods behind most of the common strategies and then I’ll bullet point some of the pro’s and con’s for each type of system. Before I get into the details let’s just briefly re-cap some of the basics about engine management, firstly lets just state that the primary job of the engine control system is to provide our engine with sparks at the right time and fuel in the right quantity but also at the correct time. The engine management system lives life at a frantically fast pace, it lives life from just one engine cycle to the next, its entire world is the current engine…

What gear when Dyno testing?

When testing the output of a vehicle with a chassis dyno system we are testing the vehicles entire driveline all together at once. This might at first glance seem like a rather obvious statement but it is important to keep this fact in mind when discussing chassis dyno’s as the tendency is for people to use chassis dyno’s to gauge just the engines performance, so variable loses attached to the rest of our driveline (which are inherently included in any measurement) do have the ability to interfere with the test results we’re looking for if they are not properly monitored and controlled. When thinking about where driveline variables may arise (or “transmission losses”) most people will think about the gearbox as the major source of troublesome variables but in reality it is only one a part of the whole system, driveshaft joints and wheel bearings are all equally able to produce variable losses. The good news is that as long as a gearbox is consistently tested in the same gear across any bout of testing then most other variables remain relatively stable on a test by test basis. The main remaining area of concern being to try to avoid large…